Black Panther 2 Might’ve Just Spoiled a Major Okoye Betrayal

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Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, Okoye

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is the final movie Marvel Studios has planned for audiences before 2022 comes to a close. In fact, they just released the final trailer for the project, which seemingly revealed who exactly would be taking on the titular mantle next.

But there are plenty of other characters besides Shuri, of course. So what'll befall them this time around?

M'Baku seems to be doing fine in the trailers, sporting a clean new set of armor. Then there's Nakia, who seems to be doing her own thing. She, too, is sporting a new look, and it certainly draws the eye.

Black Panther 2 Poster

But what is Okoye up this time around? Well, one might think she's still enjoying her time in the Dora Milaje—but thanks to a new poster, that might not be the cast. It looks like she's in an entirely different squad all together: The Midnight Angels.

Who Are the Midnight Angels?

There isn't much information about the group, as they've only had roughly 30 appearances across various comics since their debut in 2010's Doomwar #5. The Midnight Angels were a subgroup of the Dora Milaje, acting as a strike force comprised of Wakanda's finest warriors.

Their signature look was that of vibrant blue outfits, with unique masks that almost represented owls. They held gold weapons and wore golden neck rings.

Black Panther, Midnight Angels, Dora Milaje

Alongside three unnamed Dora Milage, the two key Midnight Angels were Aneka and Ayo.

While Aneka was originally seen in the trailer sporting the outfit, Ayo hasn't shown any signs of donning this new blue suit. Though, she does show up in the new set of posters for Wakanda Forever. However, she still sports the iconic Dora Milaje wear.

While Ayo and Aneka were members in the source material, Okoye has never been associated with the brand.

What the Black Panther 2 Poster Reveals

Black Panther, OKoye

Despite Okoye never being a Midnight Angel in the comics, it's clear as day that she's certainly wearing one of those costumes in the Dolby Cinema poster. The suit is identical to the one Aneka is seen wearing in the first trailer and also the one shown off at D23.

Does this indicate that Okoye will have a new uniform from this point on? No longer a Dora Milaje, but a Midnight Angel instead?

Though, moving out of her former position is no small thing. She was, after all, in charge of all the Dora Milage. But, in order to give that up, something big has to have happened.

Why Would Okoye Be Wearing the Suit?

Black Panther, Midnight Angel

Well, maybe the Midnight Angels will live up to their comic origin and simply be a new tier of the Dora Milaje guard. In the comics, they are considered a specialized strike force—maybe Wakanda feels the need to fire Okoye at a very specific spot.

She could also be the leader of the Dora Milaje and a Midnight Angel at the same time, jumping between duties as needed.

Another possibility is that she was let go from her spot on the Dora Milaje. But what could possibly lead to such an action? 

Well, either a straight-up betrayal to Wakanda (unlikely) or a failure to live up to her duties—such as someone dying or getting seriously hurt on her watch. It's hard to see that happening with a skilled warrior such as Okoye, but she's not wearing her Dora Milaje suit... so something notable has likely happened.

Though, there's always the chance that the suit is just to switch things up and plays no further significance besides being a new look for the character. On the other hand, the suit also probably has some sort of additional tactical advantage as well. 

What's Aneka's Role in this?

Black Panther, Midnight Angels, Dora Milaje

So far, both Okoye and Aneka have been seen in the stunning Midnight Angel costumes. Will it just be the two of them?

After all, it's originally Aneka and Ayo who sport the fun new titles. Maybe Okoye swapped places with Ayo?

If Okoye did so something bad that led to her removal from the Dora Milaje, maybe Ayo is the one that steps up to the plate and leads the group going forward. She's been a reoccurring player in the background ever since 2018's Black Panther, so it would make sense.

Following all of that logic, if both Okoye and Aneka are the Midnight Angels, could the two of them be the couple teased a while back? Thankfully there isn't much more time to go before the movie lands and offers an answer.

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever hits theaters on Friday, November 11.

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