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Black Cake Hulu

Anchored by its strong cast, Hulu's Black Cake tells a strong tale about family and reunion. 

Black Cake is based on Charmaine Wilkerson's novel of the same name, revolving around two tales set in the past and present that uncover the origin story of a Black family. 

The series made its debut on Hulu on November 1.

Every Main Actor & Character in Hulu's Black Cake

Mia Isaac - Covey

Mia Isaac as Covey
Mia Isaac

In the latter part of the 1960s, Mia Isaac's Covey was a runaway bride who suddenly disappeared on one of the beaches of Jamaica. 

Some have speculated that she may have died from drowning. 

It was later revealed that Covey was forced into marriage with her supposed husband, leaving many to believe that she was on the run after killing him. 

Isaac is an up-and-coming actress best known for her roles as Aurora in Gray Matter and Wally Park in Don't Make Me Go.

Adrienne Warren - Benny Bennett

Adrienne Warren as Benny Bennett
Adrienne Warren

Benny Bennett (played by Adrienne Warren) is one of Eleanor's children whom she left after dying from cancer. 

Benny is not close to her family since she hasn't talked to them for six years since she came out as bisexual during Thanksgiving dinner. 

Warren has an impressive acting resume, including credits from The Woman King, Blue Bloods, and Quantico.

Chipo Chung - Eleanor Bennett

Chipo Chung as Eleanor Bennett
Chipo Chung

Eleanor Bennett is a widow who died from cancer. Chipo Chung plays the character. 

After her death, it was revealed that Eleanor left recording tapes to her children to learn more about the origin of their family. 

Chung has over 40 acting credits to her name. The actress is best known for her roles as The Master in Into the Badlands and Annabelle Hsin in In The Loop

Ashley Thomas - Byron Bennett

Ashley Thomas as Byron Bennett
Ashley Thomas 

Byron Bennett (portrayed by Ashley Thomas) is Benny's brother and Eleanor's son. 

Byron is living off the pressure of trying to become a high-achieving member of the community. The character ultimately becomes a scientist but admits he does not feel fulfilled by his work.

Thomas previously appeared in Them, The Ipcress File, 24: Legacy, and The Night Of.

Glynn Turman - Charles Mitch

Glynn Turman as Charles Mitch
Glynn Turman

Portraying Eleanor's lawyer is Glynn Turman as Attorney Charles Mitch. 

After Eleanor's death, Mitch informed Benny and Byron about the recordings that their mother gave. The character also dropped a bombshell that they have a half-sister.

Turman is best known as Dr. Woodward in Super 8, Dr. Frank Hopper in Sahara, and the detective in John Dies at the End.

Lashay Anderson - Bunny Pringle

Lashay Anderson as Bunny Pringle
Lashay Anderson

Lashay Anderson plays Bunny Pringle, Covey's best friend in the 1950s. She grew up in the Caribbean. 

After learning about Covey's apparent death, it took a while before Bunny moved on. Once she got over the death of her friend, Bunny continued to train and become a distance swimmer, eventually moving to England when she was older.

Anderson starred in notable projects like Rebel Cheer Squad - A Get Even Series and Consent.

Anthony Mark Barrow - Clarence Henry

Anthony Mark Barrow as Clarence Henry
Anthony Mark Barrow

Anthony Mark Barrow's Clarence "Little Man" Henry is a strict and violent business owner who has been causing trouble in the neighborhood. 

Henry was attracted to Covey, leading to him asking her hand for marriage. During the wedding, though, Henry suddenly died while Covey also disappeared. 

Barrow has credits in projects like Colony, The Convergence, and All You Need Is Me.

Sonita Henry - Mabel Martin

Sonita Henry
Sonita Henry 

Portrayed on-screen by Sonita Henry, Mabel Martin is described as an "ethno-food guru" who wrote a book about the "diaspora of food." 

Mabel helped explain the titular black cake and its origins, helping viewers understand its significance. 

Fans may recognize Henry for her roles in Luther, Krypton, The Chelsea Detective, and Dead Space 2.

Faith Alabi - Pearl Thomas

Faith Alabi
Faith Alabi

Pearl Thomas (played by Faith Alabi) is Covey's mother's helper who keeps the bakery running. 

Alabi is known for her roles in We Are Who We Are, Industry, and Master of None.

Ahmed Elhaj - Gibbs Grant

Ahmed Elhaj
Ahmed Elhaj

Ahmed Elhaj's Gibbs Grant is Covey (and Eleanor)'s childhood sweetheart. 

Gibbs is a surfer who fell in love with Covey, with the pair being inseparable during their younger years.

However, factors such as Covey's forced marriage with Little Man and Gibbs' duties as a student in London set both of their paths apart.

Elhaj is a rising star who has quite a few notable credits to his name, such as in Silent Witness, Tonic, Grantchester, and Dangerous Liaisons

Simon Wan - Lin

Simon Wan
Simon Wan

Simon Wan brings Covey's father, Lin, to life in Black Cake

Raised by a Chinese immigrant, Lin inherited two small shops on the island, and he used them as his family's main source of income. Despite having a stable income flow, Lin's gambling addiction led to a massive debt under his name.

Harry Potter fans may recognize Wan for his role as Chang in Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald. The actor's other credits include Copenhagen Cowboy and Dog.

Rupert Evans - James Everett

Rupert Evans
Rupert Evans

Rupert Evans plays a character named James Everett in Black Cake Season 1.

Evans previously appeared in The Boy, American Pastoral, and The Man in the High Castle.

Cara Horgan - Mildred

Cara Horgan
Cara Horgan

Cara Horgan portrays Mildred in Black Cake

The Sandman fans may recognize Horgan for her portrayal of Zelda in the hit Netflix series. The actress also appeared in Alex Rider, Traitors, and West of Liberty.

Rebecca Calder - Mrs. Quintrell

Rebecca Calder
Rebecca Calder

Rebecca Calder joins the cast of Black Cake as Mrs. Quintrell. 

Calder is an award-winning English actress whose credits include Love Me Do, Memory, Wrath of Man, and The Tower.

Anthony J. Abraham - Delroy Furgusson

Anthony J. Abraham
Anthony J. Abraham

Anthony J. Abraham plays Delroy Furgusson in Black Cake.

Abraham is known for his roles in The Phantom of the Open, Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan, and Theodosia.

Black Cake is now streaming on Hulu.

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