Black Cake Season 2 Gets Hopeful Update from Producer

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Following the recently released Season 1 finale, Black Cake Season 2 got a hopeful update by way of its creator. 

The hit Hulu drama just rounded out its first run on the streamer, with its Season 1 finale debuting on Wednesday, December 6. 

Despite killer reviews (currently sitting at a 100% average Tomatometer score on Rotten Tomatoes), Season 2 of Black Cake has yet to be officially greenlit. 

Will There Be a Black Cake Season 2?

Black Cake (2023)

According to Black Cake creator and showrunner, Marissa Jo Cerar, Season 2 of the hit Hulu drama could be coming. 

Speaking on a Washington Post YouTube live stream, Cerar let slip "[she] always [says] that Season 1 is act one of Benny, Byron, and Mabel’s stories, and Bunny’s too:"

“Well, I just didn’t know how you would tell all of these stories in two to two and a half hours or three hours, depending on how long movies are… I wanted to tell every character story. It is not just Covey’s story, it is not just Eleanor’s story, it is Benny’s story, it is Byron’s story, it is Mabel’s story it is Bunny’s story, it is Lin’s story, Pearl’s story, Mathilda’s story. These are all the people who are in Covey’s life and I always say that Season 1 is act one of Benny, Byron, and Mabel’s stories, and Bunny’s too."

This insinuates the existence of a second "act," which could be explored in a potential Season 2. 

Cerar continued, addressing the crux of the series and tackling the idea of "find[ing] out that your parents have lied to you about your adoption and your identity:"

"And I just wanted to really go deep and explore you know what would really happen if you’re Mabel and you find out that your parents have lied to you about your adoption and your identity your entire life. What would happen if you’re Benny and you find out that you have a half sister that your mother lied to you your entire life about who she was while you were struggling to find a way to tell her who you were?"

She closed by saying, "[she] didn’t want to rush through" this story, which is why it was a series and not a single two-hour movie:

"I didn’t want to rush through it, because I wanted to honor the experience that is heightened, to an extent, because not all of us get these recordings after people we love pass away. But, just the reaction to them, I wanted to be able to take our time, and to really honor the book, and the care with which Charmaine [Wilkerson] put into this building this world and these characters."

In the same conversation, Black Cake star Adrienne Warren revealed she is "excited" about the idea of this just being the beginning of the series:

"Oh, Benny’s the baby of her family. Benny could learn a lot from the the women that I play in those films. But, you know what, I know that the spirit of those women exists in Benny. The spirit of our ancestors exist in me and and I know that I’m so excited to see how Benny evolves, where Marissa and the rest of our amazing writers… where they take her journey. So, to Marissa’s point, this is act one and I’m just as excited as everyone else to see what happens next."

On the idea of a second season, actress Mia Isaac told BET she "[hadn't] heard anything," but "it would be great if there were a second season:"

"It would be great if there were a second season. I haven't heard anything yet, but that would be really cool to see what happens with the kids in the future and all that kind of stuff."

How Likely Is Black Cake Season 2?

It is one thing for creatives like Marissa Jo Cerar and Adrienne Warren to be hoping for Black Cake Season 2, but getting the go-ahead from Hulu is another. 

The entertainment industry (and the world at large) is experiencing widespread cuts as studios tighten their financial belts following overspending over the past couple of years. 

This could put a smaller series like Black Cake in danger of cancelation; however, at this point, that does not seem likely. 

The first season of Cerar's streaming drama was widely acclaimed, with critics lauding it for its touching story and depiction of identity. 

Given the series was so celebrated, it would make sense for Hulu to want more. 

Also, there is more story to tell. Season 1 only covered a small section of the book it is back on (Black Cake by Charmaine Wilkerson). 

So, if the series were to move forward, there would be plenty of material for the show to cover. 

As expressed by Cerar, she has the blueprint in her head already of where the season would go in its act two (and potentially beyond). 

Black Cake Season 1 is streaming now on Hulu. 

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