New Black Adam Movie Spin-off Reportedly In Development at Warner Bros.

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Warner Bros. and Dwayne Johnson's studio are reportedly working on a Black Adam spin-off movie. 

In the weeks and months following Black Adam's release, the word on whether Warner Bros. viewed the DCU film as a success or disappointment has been vague at best. 

While it's true that Dwayne Johnson's DC outing was the top film in the weeks leading up to Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, it had little to no competition at the box office and has been reportedly losing money ever since

However, in the case of Black Adam, ticket sales aren't the only measure of success or of what can spark a new franchise. 

Black Adam Spin-Off Underway

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In a now-deleted section of a recent Black Adam report, Deadline disclosed that a Hawkman spin-off is currently being developed by Dwayne Johnson's Seven Bucks Productions. 

In Black Adam, Aldis Hodge played Hawkman, the leader of the Justice Society of America

The report claims that Black Adam's box office haul, coupled with its B+ CinemaScore, is a sufficient basis to launch a franchise that will be better realized once James Gunn and Peter Safran reveal their DC Studios plans

Will Gunn and Safran Support a Hawkman Movie?

Before Black Adam ever screened in theaters, fans and industry insiders expected a sequel

And, given the content of the film's post-credits scene, it looked as if the studio (and Dwayne Johnson) were planning a Black Adam vs. Superman-style film. 

Fans are less certain now given that James Gunn and Peter Safran have been tapped to head the newly named DC Studios. 

But since this Hawkman movie is being developed by Johnson's own studio, the question is whether Gunn and Safran have been consulted. And, if so, how will the duo work in conjunction with Johnson and his vision for the Black Adam franchise? 

While that remains to be seen, Hawkman is the best choice for a spin-off story

Not only can his character sustain a film on his own, but Hodge's performance was well received by audiences. 

In the meantime, it's worth remembering that Gunn and Safran are the two who changed the hierarchy of power within the DCU.

And, until their vision is revealed, it's hard to know for certain what the future of Hawkman and Black Adam will be. 

Black Adam arrives on HBO Max on Friday, December 16. 

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