Doctor Strange Director Reveals Improv Behind Benedict Cumberbatch's Key Avengers: Endgame Scene

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Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange

Avengers: Endgame is no doubt the biggest MCU film to date. The 2019 blockbuster clearly left a mark in the eyes of many fans, after producing a stockpile of iconic moments and entertaining character interactions.

Given the massive success of Endgame , it wasn't a surprise that the film is still being talked about even after a year since it was released on the silver screen. In the past months, a slew of behind-the-scenes images and videos from the set of Endgame surfaced online, giving fans a fascinating look at the familial bond between the cast and crew.

Endgame also provided clues on how the next chapter of the MCU will move forward, with the film's time-travel element likely to be referenced in upcoming projects. It seems that interesting facts about Endgame haven't stopped emerging, as a fun tidbit about a pivotal moment from the film has been revealed.


In a tweet, Doctor Strange director Scott Derrickson revealed that Benedict Cumberbatch told him that the Avengers: Endgame scene where the Sorcerer Supreme lifted his finger to tell Tony Stark about their lone chance in beating Thanos was an improvisation from the actor.


Benedict Cumberbatch is known to be a versatile actor, and this new reveal about his improvised moment from Endgame should serve as a prime example of the actor's impressive acting chops. Given that the scene is part of an intense moment, Cumberbatch's timely improvisation perfectly added an emotional and powerful punch to the overall sequence. This was evidenced by the captivating reaction from the audience that was previously shared on social media.

Interestingly, this isn't the first time that an improvised moment made the final cut of an MCU film. During 2008's Iron Man , the famous "I am Iron Man" line from Robert Downey Jr. was revealed to be improvised by the actor, and this key moment ultimately changed the fate of the whole franchise.

On top of that, there is already a long list of improvised scenes from several MCU films, but this specific moment that Cumberbatch made for Endgame clearly elevated the sequence in more ways than one.

With Doctor Strange poised to lead the next chapter of the MCU, fans will have to wait to see if more improvised moments from Cumberbatch make it to screen moving forward.

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