Batman & Wonder Woman Featured In New Footage From Space Jam: A New Legacy

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Space Jam Batman, Wonder Woman

DC Comics is one of the key elements of Warner Bros.' roster. Despite its rocky journey on the big screen, it still produces plenty of hits—and brings to life characters that have a strong following. Characters like Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman are names that are known around the world.

It's a fact that the studio loves to showcase its properties in other places outside the movies themselves. For example, Batman plays a huge role in the original Lego Movie, with many other DC heroes showing their LEGO faces. Characters like Harley Quinn even showed up in Ready Player One

Now it seems that Warner Bros. is intent on continuing that trend. This time with the sequel to an all-time classic: Space Jam.


Space Jam: A New Legacy

The upcoming film Space Jam A New Legacy is set to play off of many of Warner Bros.' properties, like big names such as Game of Thrones and Mad Max. Of course, with it being Warner Bros., there was no way that they wouldn't utilize one of their biggest weapons: DC Comics.

It had been reported that the world of DC Comics would be making an appearance, and now fans have their first look at footage from the film showcasing just that.

The footage was released in a Japanese promo for the film and can be watched below:



The first Space Jam film came out in 1996 and starred Michael Jordan. At the time, it was a big deal that the live-action film was crossing over with the Looney Tunes world. Now, cut to 2021, and Space Jam A New Legacy is crossing over with all the worlds.

It will be interesting to see how much the DC Comics brand is utilized within the story they're telling, or if it's a super quick nod, much like the six or so seconds seen above. Maybe they'll make reference to the canceled LEGO Batman sequel. Either way, it's a fun move by Warner Bros. for fans of both properties.

Space Jam: A New Legacy is set to hit theaters on July 16.

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