Avatar 2’s Na’vi Just Travelled to Outer Space In Official Tie-In (Photos)

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Avatar 2’s official tie-in comics took a shocking twist as Na'vi warriors ventured beyond Pandora.

Avatar 2: The Way of Water is making a huge splash at the box office after becoming one of the highest-grossing films of all time. Its success secured the franchise's future, and its sequels are set to introduce the audience to a third Na’vi culture and show the race in “a new light.” 

Director James Cameron also teased polar and desert biomes in future films.

Cameron has been quoted saying that “everything [he needs] to say and see is on Pandora,” this may not be the case. The visionary director also stressed the need to “juxtapose” Earth and Pandora.

In an astonishing turn, an official tie-in already took the Na’vi away from their beloved home planet.

One Small Step for Na’Vi

Like many popular franchises, Avatar has been given a tie-in comic run that expands upon the universe beyond its on-screen events. Its second issue has already arrived, and there are crazy implications for the series.

Issue #2 of The High Ground, which is set one year before the events of Avatar 2: The Way of Water, sees Jake Sully and Neytiri take a group of Na'vi into space to fight human forces.

Sully and Neytiri take Na'vi to space
Dark Horse Comics


Taking off into the sky by using an RDA refinery, Jake Sully tries to blackmail Colonel Ardmore, despite fearing that this is against Ewya's wishes. 

Ardmore claims their actions are to restore law and rule on the planet of Pandora.

Jake Sully talks to Colonel Ardmore
Dark Horse Comics

The Na'vi persevere with their plan and end up confronting Ardmore. As expected, interactions between the RDA and the Na'vi prove tense. 

Jake claims that there is $3.2 trillion worth of unobtanium stashed in a derelict ship. The ship is also rigged with explosives, and Jake suggests that the human forces take the resource and leave.

Na'vi fight the humans in space
Dark Horse Comics

In response, Jake orders his ground team to blow up the refinery. This act turns the RDA into hostiles, and although Jake attempts to draw up a treaty, he knows that the humans would just break it. 

Meanwhile, Spider, Kiri, Tuk, and Lo'ak are taken hostage on Pandora, and this unplanned consequence horrifies Jake and Neytiri.

Neytiri and Jake react to humans kidnapping their children
Dark Horse Comics

In the final pages, Jake and Neytiri order Norm to explode the RDA ship remotely. This causes enough distraction to allow the two Na'vi to continue their plan.

The pair find the ship's auxiliary and fight their way through the RDA fleet.

Na'vi explode RDA ship
Dark Horse Comics

Will Avatar Go to Space in Future Sequels?

So far, audiences only got a glimpse of Earth in the Avatar franchise.

In the first film, the only shots of earth were of a miserable Jake Sully, who was spending his time in bars after the death of his brother. 

Earth being in a terrible state is the backbone of the whole franchise, giving reason to why its population is trying to pursue Pandora as an alternate planet to live on. 

Fans are eager to truly see what has become of Earth in the mid-22nd century, and it would certainly be a shame if James Cameron never explores it.

Luckily, there are plans to feature Earth in future Avatar sequels. However, it won't be until Avatar 5 that audiences can "see action on Earth." 

James Cameron stressed that he thinks it's important to "juxtapose this incredible [Pandora] in its prime" with Earth ruined by human destruction and ignorance.

Whether the Na'vi go to Earth remains to be seen, but for now, fans can catch Avatar: TheWay of the Water in cinemas worldwide.

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