Avatar 2 on Disney+: Exact TIME of Release Confirmed

By Richard Nebens Posted:
Avatar 2 Disney+

As Avatar: The Way of Water finally makes its way onto Disney+, the big question now is what time fans can expect it to officially release.

It's been a long time coming for Avatar 2 on its way to Disney's core streaming service after James Cameron once again broke the box office, with this sequel banking over $2.3 billion worldwide.

As Disney changes its strategy regarding releasing its major blockbusters from Marvel, Star Wars, and elsewhere to streaming audiences, Avatar 2 stayed in theaters longer than almost any other movie from the last year due to its successful run.

What Time Will Avatar 2 Drop on Disney+?

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Avatar: The Way of Water will begin streaming on Disney+ at 3:00 a.m. ET (12:00 a.m. PT) on Wednesday, June 7.

Also, due to a deal made with 20th Century Fox years ago, the sequel will also be released on Max on the same day, likely being available to stream on that service at the same time.

This release date has the movie releasing an incredible 173 days after its theatrical debut on December 15, 2022, far longer than the usual 90-day release windows seen for other movies in recent years.

That contract was settled for movies that debuted in theaters in 2022, meaning that Avatar 2 will be the final movie to hit Disney+ and Max simultaneously.

Will Avatar: The Way of Water Be a Streaming Hit?

After becoming nothing less than a box office sensation almost every week of its nearly six-month run in theaters, many are likely anxious to see Avatar 2 be available to watch from the comfort of home.

Even considering how impressive it was that a 3-hour-12 minute-long movie managed to become the third-highest-grossing movie in cinema history, general audiences will be glad to be able to enjoy every minute of it on their own devices.

With Avatar 2 costing Disney over $1 billion in expenses over its entire promotional run, this Disney+ release will mark the end of a unique era for the studio as it took over for a franchise that boasted the highest-grossing movie ever made.

Now, as the studio looks forward to the future of Pandora, the question becomes whether the company can keep this up for the next three planned Avatar sequels.

Avatar: The Way of Water will be available to stream on Disney+ on Wednesday, June 7. Disney is currently working on production for Avatar 3, which is expected to arrive in theaters on December 20, 2024.

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