Avatar 2 Blu-ray Release Date Revealed (Official)

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Avatar 2 Blu-Ray

After months of waiting, fans finally know when Avatar: The Way of Water will release on Blu-ray. 

James Cameron's Pandoran sequel just rounded out a record-breaking run at cinemas worldwide, becoming the third biggest movie of all time in the process.

However, details on what is next for Avatar 2 have been scarce. The film is now streaming on premium video-on-demand services (VOD) and will soon be streaming after a long wait, but not much in terms of a physical release had been made public. 

Both Cameron and Disney have remained tight-lipped on the subject but with The Way of Water having released in theaters nearly five months ago, an update was guaranteed to come sooner rather than later.

When Will Avatar 2 Release on Blu-ray?

Avatar The Way of Water

According to People, Avatar: The Way of Water will release on Blu-ray, DVD, and 4K UHD physical formats on Tuesday, June 20.

Avatar 2's physical release will feature three hours of bonus content, with special editions available at Best Buy, Target, and Walmart.

Avatar: The Way of Water Blu-rays

Alongside the physical release of the sequel, the original Avatar will be released in 4K UHD for the first time on the same day.

Avatar's 4K UHD release will come with new bonus features focused on the making of the movie called "Memories from Avatar" and "Avatar: A Look Back."

Avatar: The Way of Water Blu-ray, Avatar 4K Ultra-HD

The original Avatar received a physical release 125 days after its theatrical debut. 

If Avatar: The Way of Water had followed suit, it would have hit store shelves back on April 20 of this year; however, that date came and went with no Blu-ray release.

Director James Cameron shared a statement in tandem with the announcement, thanking audiences who watched the movie in theaters and expressing his hopes that viewers at home still watch it on the biggest screen that they can:

"I am grateful that audiences all over the globe went to the theaters to see Avatar: The Way of Water. Now my hope is you will bring the film home and experience the adventure with your family in the best at-home viewing quality possible on 4K Ultra HD."

Why Avatar 2 Is Still Worth Watching at Home

While some will scoff at the idea of fans waiting for the physical release of Avatar: The Way of Water, there is actually plenty of reason to be excited to pick up that Blu-ray disc. 

Avatar is a franchise that prides itself on its visuals. Series director James Cameron has made his feelings known about - what he calls - the "sacred" experience of heading to the theater, and in a lot of ways, Blu-ray (more specifically 4K UHD) is about the closest one can get to emulating that theater experience at home. 

While fans can watch a decent enough version of the movie, renting the 4K release from their VOD store of choice, streaming infrastructure is still unable to 100% recreate the color accuracy and visual fidelity someone can get playing a movie on a disk.

For those willing to make certain sacrifices on the visuals, Avatar: The Way of Water is heading to Disney+ just a few weeks earlier than its physical release on June 8.

For those eager to pick up that Avatar 2 Blu-ray on the other hand, June 20 will be the day. 

Avatar: The Way of Water can be purchased now on most VOD storefronts. 

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