Who Is Ashby Gentry? 5 Things to Know About 'My Life With the Walter Boys' Star

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Ashby Gentry in My Life with the Walter Boys

 My Life with the Walter Boys debuted on December 7 on Netflix introducing audiences to the character of Alex Walter, played by relative newcomer, Ashby Gentry. 

Inspired by the Ali Novak novel of the same name, My Life with the Walter Boys follows newly orphaned Jackie Howard after she's taken in by the Colorado-based Walter family and their house of sons, one of whom is Alex Gentry's character - Alex Walter. 

Before starring in the new streaming series, the 24-year-old Arizona native appeared in one episode of Are You Afraid of the Dark?

Ashby Gentry's Bio, Age & Life Details

Ashby Gentry as Alex

In My Life with the Walter Boys, Ashby Gentry's Alex Walter isn't just one of the Walter boys but one of Jackie's love interests, along with Cole Walter (played by Noah LaLonde).

As audiences began to take sides in the series' love triangle, fans may want to know more about the Alex Walter star. So, here are five fun facts:

Ashby Gentry Comes From a Small Family

When asked about his experience working with My Life with the Walter Boys's massive cast, Ashby had nothing but praise. But he admitted to Popternative that it's different from his real-life situation as he hails from "a small family." 

He went on to explain that getting to work with a "large and loving group" was "gratifying" and one of the job's biggest benefits:

"I've always said that's the best part about this process for me is, I come from a small family, and so it is so gratifying to vicariously live through such a large and loving group of people."

Ashby Has an Award-Winning Theater Background

The Netflix star may be new to the screen, but he's no stranger to the stage.

In addition to being cast in a high school rendition of Into the Woods in 2017, he was nominated by the National Youth Arts in Arizona for his role as Honza in I Never Saw Another Butterfly. He was nominated again for his role as Mortimer Brewster in Arsenic and Old Lace

Ashby also attended Boston University College of Fine Arts School of Theater and graduated in 2021 as a BFA Performance Student. 

Ashby Gentry Is Close With His Netflix Co-stars

In a conversation with Hollywire, Gentry revealed that he and his Walter Boys cast are "actually like a family." 

"I can't express to you how much we are actually like a family. I Facetime Nikki [Rodgriguez] on the third of every month because her birthday's on the third. And Noah [LaLonde] and I text virtually every day, mostly exchanging pictures of cinnamon rolls."

Why cinnamon rolls? Apparently, Gentry and his co-stars became close over enjoying a meal or a snack in Calgary, and that bond has only continued:

"A lot of our bonding came from the places we would go to eat in Calgary. Words cannot put to the truth that is how close we all actually are as a cast." 

Ashby Gentry Isn't "Team Alex" or "Team Cole"

Since the show concentrates on Jackie and the sparks between her and Alex and Cole, fans are bound to have opinions on which Walter brother to root for. 

But when Ashby Gentry was asked which team he supports and who is ultimately better for Jackie, the actor gave a surprising answer to Hollywire, saying, "I'm team 'all of them should find somebody else:'"

"I'm team 'all of them should find somebody else' because I don't believe any of them should be involved with each other in that capacity."

Gentry went on to further explain his position, acknowledging how "it's good they're having these experiences," but he still feels "they should all find somebody else:"

"I'm team it's good they're having these experiences with each other because they're so young and they're learning about love and they should all find somebody else in the process."

Alex Walter and Ashby Gentry Have Similiar Hobbies

Not only do the bookish Alex and ambitious Jackie share similar hobbies on-screen, but Ashby Gentry and his character have similar interests as well. 

Netflix's Tudum revealed that Gentry also loves Star Wars and The Lord of the Rings - not to mention video games as well. 

The actor also happens to admire his character, such as how he's “super intentional about everything he does."

My Life with the Walter Boys is now streaming on Netflix.

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