Arrowverse's Next Event Has Just Been Confirmed By The CW

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The Arrowverse was once the pinnacle of DC's live-action presence, but its popularity has gone downhill since—and a good chunk of its quality. Even with where it is now, there is no denying that CW's span of DC-led shows has come a long way.

Things recently have been changing dramatically, though. These changes range from the countless status quo shifts in Batwoman to the cancelations of both Supergirl and Black Lightning, and even the newly announced departures from The Flash—soon the Arrowverse won't look familiar in the slightest.

With all of these cancellations and re-works, where does that leave the Arrowverse at large? That's a great question, one that fans still don't have the answer to.

Usually, something like one of the universe's staple crossover events could help establish all of that. Though, thanks to 2020, the world hasn't been graced with a brand-new crossover event since Crisis on Infinite Earths back in 2019.

It looks like the CW is finally set to make a come-back when it comes to future crossover events. Well, kind of...


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According to a report from TV Line covering the CW's upcoming fall line-up, surprising details about the opening of The Flash's eighth season were revealed.

The season will kick off with a five-episode event that will feature crossovers with other Arrowverse superheroes. CW CEO Mark Pedowitz was on hand to shed light on the newly announced event, saying that it won't be "quite be a crossover"—at least not in the sense that most fans are used to:

“We’re talking about other superheroes from the CWverse that will come together in each [of the] individual episodes... That will not quite be a crossover but it will have a crossover-type feel at the introduction of all these characters.”

Details on which heroes from the CWverse/Arrowverse will feature were not shared and will likely be revealed at a later date.


From the sounds of it, each of the five individual episodes will feature different parts of the Arrowverse. The likely candidates are episodes focused on the casts (or just a titular/core hero) of BatwomanLegends of Tomorrow, and Superman & Lois. There's always the possibility that Black Lightning and Supergirl are in the running, but it's impossible to tell for sure.

What are some other potential casts that could receive a visit from Grant Gustin's Flash? Well, Stargirl is a prime choice—especially since the show's second season will feature the very same Jay Garrick that was featured throughout multiple seasons of The Flash.

Another possibility is the upcoming Green Lantern Corps show on HBO Max. While relatively unlikely, the show is at the very least produced by the same creatives behind the CW Arrowverse shows. Though besides some casting news, not much is known about the show.

While Barry Allen has plenty ahead of him before he reaches his eighth season, including meeting his future son, Bart Allen, hopefully, it will be worth the wait for fans to once again see another crossover-type event.

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