Is Army of Darkness: Return to Evil Real or Fake? 2024 Movie Speculation Explained

By Richard Nebens Posted:
Bruce Campbell, Ash vs Evil Dead

Fans are wondering whether a new Evil Dead movie titled Army of Darkness: Return to Evil is real or fake heading into 2024.

Rumors of Army of Darkness: Return to Evil's 2024 Release

A new poster making the rounds on Facebook and other social media outlets has led some fans to believe that a new movie in the Evil Dead franchise is set for release in July 2024.

Under the title Army of Darkness: Return to Evil, the poster features Bruce Campbell in his classic role as Ash Williams under the tagline "They keep coming back for a piece of Ash."

Army of Darkness: Return to Evil Poster

Originally started by director/writer Sam Raimi in 1981, the franchise now consists of five movies, the last of which, Evil Dead Rise, was released in April 2023.

Unfortunately, no reports indicate this new movie is in development, and the poster is fan-made. However, the Evil Dead franchise appears far from done.

Bruce Campbell is still passionate about his role as Ash Williams, telling Fangoria in March 2023 that he would do another Evil Dead film as long as Sam Raimi took the directing job.

But while he wants to keep going, Campbell explained to ComicBook that the team can't "jump into that world too quickly" and that the plan is to bring new movies "every two or three years rather than every 10 years" to keep a healthy amount of space between them.

The feeling of wanting to continue this franchise is mutual with Raimi, as he expressed to Empire that he "[thinks] there's room for all sorts of Evil Dead movies" in the future.

There is also plenty of motivation for the Evil Dead team to keep this franchise going, as Evil Dead Rise became the highest-grossing film in the franchise with a $147.7 million global box office haul (per Box Office Mojo).

And, in a chat with Variety, Evil Dead Rise director Lee Cronin admitted he already has ideas for potential sequels, expressing his excitement "for the potential of what could be next" and hoping he can be involved in new movies.

All five Evil Dead movies are now streaming on Max.

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