Arcane Season 2 Will Bring Back This Dead Character, Reveals Star

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One Arcane star revealed a dead character from the hit Netflix series will be back in some form when Season 2 starts streaming in the not-too-distant future. 

The hit animated series starring MCU actress Hailee Steinfeld is returning, offering fans yet another glimpse into the world of the uber-popular League of Legends video game. 

While it is unknown who will be back for this second batch of episodes or what will happen, that has not stopped fans from speculating, especially considering the shocking events of Season 1's finale, and where it left the world of Runeterra.

Currently, Arcane Season 2 has no official release timing; however, fans do know "it's unfortunately not going to be this year." So, there is plenty of time for the Season 2 picture to become more clear. 

One Arcane Character Back From the Dead

Arcane, Silco

According to Arcane actor Jason Spisak, the Zaunite druglord, Silco, will be back in Season 2 of the hit Netflix series, despite having died in the Season 1 finale. 

Appearing on the Izuko Unscripted podcast, Spisak (who provides the voice of Arcane's Silco) said that he has "recorded lines for Season 2," despite his character being dead:

“Yeah, well, I’ve recorded lines for Season 2. They let me say it. Riot Games let me tell people. They said, ‘You can officially tell people that you have recorded lines for Season 2.’ So, I’m allowed to say that I have.”

He went on to compliment the series so far, calling the writing "incredible," saying that the writing actually helped him find the voice for the character:

“Well, first of all, the writing for that show is incredible. I keep saying that it’s the writer’s fault that I have the voices, but really, you have to look at the words that are being said, and the audition for Silco was the monologue from the beginning of Episode 3: ‘Have you ever wonder what it’s like to drown?’ And you can’t read that monologue and not feel this incredibly smoky sense of manipulation."

Silco, Arcane

"They had talked to me about the voice of Silco being smoke," Spisak added. He remarked that the character's voice was meant to "[envelope] you and [manipulate] you:"

"And that was one of the things that brilliant creators of 'Arcane,' Christian [Linke] and Alex [Yee], they came up with this incredible story and they had talked to me about the voice of Silco being smoke. It’s almost like it envelopes you and manipulates you into doing what it is that he wants. But they didn’t get to talk to me before the first audition I ever did and I pretty much had that same voice from the very beginning. And they said that when they heard it, they went, ‘This is it. This is the guy.’"

Recalling his first audition further, the voice actor opined that it was "meant to be in a way:"

"And I just read that monologue and I couldn’t hear any other voice. It was almost like, I don’t know, meant to be in a way. I just did the monologue in that voice and I couldn’t hear it any other way.”

How Will Silco Return in Arcane Season 2?

Arcane, Silco, Jinx

Of course, seeing these quotes from Jason Spisak is going to cause some to scratch their heads. Why would he be recording lines for his Arcane character, if that very same character was blown to smithereens in the Season 1 finale? 

Well, there very likely is a logical answer. And no, it does not involve Silco climbing from the grave all juiced up on shimmer. 

One has to remember who Silco was closely tied to in the first season of the hit series. That was the clearly mentally unstable and severely traumatized Jinx (aka Powder).

After the death of her real father, Jinx was adopted by Silco and raised as his personal weapon of mass destruction, surely, that left a mark on her. 

Whether it be in the form of flashbacks or voices in Jinx's head, Silco could very well appear in Season 2, despite being dead. 

Jix had previously heard several voices in her head. Her father Vander, sister Vi, and so many more. Silco could be added to that list, or maybe be the only one she now hears. 

This would be a great way to keep the menacing villain a part of the story, further cementing the seemingly irreversible impact he had on his adopted daughter during the events of Season 1. 

Arcane Season 2 currently has no official release timing. 

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