Arcane Season 2: 9 League of Legends Characters Who Should Appear

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Arcane Season 2 Characters, League of Legends Champions

With Arcane Season 2 on the way, there are plenty of characters that could make their way into the show from across League of Legends lore. 

Shortly after the success of its first season, the animated Netflix series was quickly given the green light for a second batch of episodes. 

Since then, the Hailee Steinfeld streaming show has not gotten much in terms of updates, as fans eagerly await to see what the series' creative team do next with the world of League.

But seeing as a sophomore effort is on the books, here's a look at what League of Legends characters should get the Arcane treatment in Season 2 of the hit animated series. 

1.) Warwick

Warwick LoL
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Warwick popping up in Season 2 is not a question of if, but one of when. In League of Legends canon, Warwick is a wolf-like monster transformed by heinous and horrific experiments and tasked with hunting the undercity of Zaun. 

Eagle-eyed fans will have spotted hints of the character in Singe's lab from Season 1. Some have even speculated Arcane's version of Warwick could be Vander, aka the adoptive father of Jinx (Ella Purnell) and Vi (Hailee Steinfeld) who seemingly died during the series' first season. 

2.) Blitzcrank

Blitzcrank LoL
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Another character likely to appear in some form in Arcane Season 2 is the autonomous Steam Golem Blitzcrank. Created by Viktor, who was intrinsically involved in the first season of Arcane, Blitzcrank was built to remove the toxic waste that plagued Zaun and its people. 

But, in Arcane, he could serve as a transition of sorts for Viktor and the future of Hextech, potentially becoming the first Hextech machine that can think for itself and a key piece in the conflict that is almost surely coming between Piltover and Zaun.

3.) Camille

Camille LoL
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A popular choice to appear in Arcane's next patch of episodes is the combat-ready Camille. Camille is an Enforcer, one of Piltover's battalion of soldiers, tasked with protecting the high society of the capital from bordering groups like the under-city of Zaun and Noxus (which has yet to appear in the show). 

Seeing as Enforcers featured prominently in Arcane's first season, and with Katie Leung Caitlyn having turned her back on the group in Season 1, Camille could be a natural way to give audiences another personality to follow within Piltover's secret police. 

4.) Swain

Swain LoL
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Despite Season 1 focusing on the conflict between the high society of Piltover and the underground world of Zaun, there is one prominent nation within the League universe that has only been touched on in Arcane: Noxus. Swain is the visionary leader of Noxus, hell-bent on expansion and conquering anything he can get his hands on. 

Given the power vacuum in Zaun that will seemingly be left behind with the death of Season 1 big bad Silco, Swain could take this as an opportunity to become the primary antagonist of Season 2 and try to gobble up influence outside of Noxus. Or given it is unknown where in the League of Legends timeline Arcane takes place, a whole subplot of the series' second season may focus on Swain's rise to power and his coup in Noxus. 

5.) Twitch

Twitch LoL
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Like Warwick, Twitch was another League character hinted at in Arcane's first season. Before the time jump after Season 1's third episode, Singe can be seen experimenting on rodents in his downtrodden Zaun lab. 

Given the explosion of said lab and the gap between the series' third and fourth episodes, there is a real possibility that Twitch, the shimmer-infused crossbow-wielding rat, could be on the cards for wherever Season 2 picks up. 

6.) Ziggs

Ziggs LoL
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Given that fans have already been introduced to the fluffy-haired Yordles of the League of Legends by way of Heimerdinger in Season 1, Ziggs feels like a natural fit for Season 2. 

While Heimerdinger is a master strategist working amongst the high society of Piltover, Ziggs has a bit more of an explosive personality. This deranged little bugger has a love of big bombs and short fuses, and with Jinx now out on her own after Season 1, the two could perhaps spark up their friendship seen in the world of League. 

7.) Dr. Mundo

Dr. Mundo LoL
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The purple-skinned Dr. Mundo lurking in the depths of Zaun has been eagerly anticipated to come to Arcane, especially after he was teased in the series' debut season. The character popped up on a wanted poster in Season 1, potentially hinting at the character's introduction to the series. 

Depending on where Season 2's story goes, Dr. Mundo could serve as some valuable muscle for whoever comes to occupy the space left behind by Silco after the blood-soaked finale of Season 1. 

8.) Urgot

Urgot LoL
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The once-powerful Noxian headman Urgot could provide another powerful connection to Noxus if the Arcane team looks to expand the series' horizons even further in Season 2. In League of Legends lore, the hulking Urgot is banished and imprisoned in the depth of Zaun, meaning he could already be skulking in the Arcane universe.

If the Noxus Swain is introduced in Season 2 after his in-universe coup, then Urgot could serve as a sympathetic anti-hero as he seeks revenge for being ousted from his homeland by way of questionable (and possibly deadly means).

9.) Kindred

Kindred LoL
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Something that has not yet been touched on in Arcane is the spiritual side of the League universe, but with magic officially being tapped into with the development of Hextech, maybe this could bring the embodiments of spirits like Kindred to the animated series. 

Kindred was teased in Season 1, with a character sporting a similar-looking mask to the character in the background of a Zaun brothel. Kindred is the twin essence of death in-universe, with those departed confronting the spirit on their way to the afterlife. Given the spiritual realm's importance in League lore, Kindred could be the perfect introduction to some of the more cerebral aspects of the universe. 

No official release timing for Arcane Season 2 has been made public, but it has been confirmed to not be coming in 2023.

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