Ant-Man 3 Reveals Best Look at Cassie Lang's New Superhero Suit In Action

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Cassie Lang Ant-Man 3

A new Volkswagen ad offered the best look yet at Cassie Lang's suit ahead of Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania

While Cassie has always been integral to Scott Lang's MCU story, her teenage self - played by Kathyrn Newton - is set to take on a superhero role of her own in Ant-Man 3

Whether Marvel Studios intends for Cassie to assume the comic book name of Stature or Stinger remains to be seen. 

But now, ahead of Quantumania's theatrical release, fans are getting to see more of Cassie in action and a close-up look at her purple suit.

Cassie Lang's Quantumania Suit in Action

In a new ad for Volkswagen, Cassie Lang takes center stage in her bright purple suit and Ant-Man helmet. 

The ad begins with an ant-sized Cassie sneaking out of her bedroom window in order to take a Volkswagon for a spin. 

Once in the driver's seat, Cassie enlarges to normal size. 

Volkswagen Cassie Ant-Man 3

As she looks around, Marvel fans can see the detailing of her suit close-up along with the violet-tinted lenses of her helmet. 

Volkswagen Cassie Ant-Man 3

This is all before Scott Lang appears in his suit to catch Cassie and take back the keys. 

Volkswagen Cassie Ant-Man 3

Check out the full ad below:

Ant-Man 3 Ad Previews Superhero Cassie

While this bit of footage is just an ad, it's worth paying attention to since it reflects certain aspects of the threequel. 

In addition to close-ups of both Cassie and Scott Lang's suits, Cassie sneaking out to take the car for a spin mirrors the trouble she's supposedly getting into at the start of the film. 

And, fans already know that Cassie will be wearing a suit and likely shrinking and growing right alongside her dad and the Wasp's Hope van Dyne

It's also worth noting that this is far from the first time MCU characters have been featured in a car ad.

One example is a Lexus commercial for Eternals. Not only did it also show Kumail Nanjiani's Kingo in action, but also a bit of his personality and the dynamic between him and other Eternals. 

So while it's true that these ads aren't trailers, they do typically offer audiences a little taste of what to expect from their MCU heroes. 

The question now is how much will fans get of Cassie in her suit in Quantumania and will she be a full-fledged heroine by the end? 

Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania arrives in theaters on Friday, February 17.

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February 17, 2023
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