Andor’s Prison Escape Gets Spoiled In New Video

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Andor Prison Escape

As Andor's latest arc draws to a close, Cassian Andor will be making his escape from prison on Narkina 5.

In one of the darkest entries in any form of Star Wars media, it was revealed that the Empire wiped out an entire floor of incarcerated workers following a critical mistake. With word breaking that a new Imperial policy will recycle captives through the prison system, Andy Serkis' Kino Loy and Cassian will prepare their comrades for an uprising.

The Narkina 5 prison is tricky to navigate, with the floor panels designed to fry any rebellious workers posing as a significant roadblock to hurdle. In "Nobody's Listening!," Cassian was briefly seen conspiring with another inmate on ways to jump the guards, and he spends his bathroom breaks cutting through a piece of piping.

Andor has established a three-episode arc formula that sees the first two installments provide build-up, concluding with an explosive push against Imperial authority. That trend will continue with the upcoming prison break, which has received a promotional push through new footage.

New Footage Reveals Andor Prison Escape

IGN released an Andor featurette promoting the prison break from Narkina 5, containing new footage and comments from star Diego Luna.

Andor Escape

A group of prisoners from one of the neighboring floors does their part in fleeing the Empire's labor camp.

Andor Escape

Detainees can be seen running through the facility's tunnels, which have emerged from the normal underwater position.

Andor Escape

Cassian Andor destroys glass to gain access to the prison's inner workings as part of his push for liberty.

The featurette in its entirety can be viewed below:

Andor's Prison Break a First for Star Wars

The escape from Narkina 5 will mark the first such prison break on a mass scale in a Star Wars film or series. Individual efforts have been frequently depicted, and more prominent revolts referenced (such as the escape by Ryder Azadi in Rebels), but Andor will feature an escape in a new way.

The between Cassian and Andy Serkis' Kino in the final moments of Episode 9 has set the stage for the coming insurrection. Using the pre-existing method of hand communication across tunnels and plotting among the kapos, a plan will be put in motion that disables much of the facilities security and allows for the prisoners' chance at freedom.

In the featurette, Luna refers to Luthen Rael's initial recruiting effort as something Cassian will finally come to understand. He wasn't in it for the revolution on Aldhani, but the brutality of the Imperial labor camp and injustice that led to his incarceration is allowing Andor's natural leadership abilities to shine. Kino may be getting cold feet, but Cassian Andor is prepared to lay it all on the line for a chance to see the sun again.

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