American Fiction Movie Online Release Date Revealed: When Will It Start Streaming?

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Jeffrey Wright in American Fiction movie

Fans finally know when American Fiction will be available for purchase online, but many are questioning when it will also be released to streaming services.

Starring Jeffrey Wright, American Fiction is about a novelist named Monk who is frustrated with how "Black" entertainment is portrayed, so he writes his own stereotypical book as satire. The movie is based on a novel titled Erasure, which was published in 2001.

The movie originally premiered in theaters on December 15, 2023.

American Fiction Receives Online Release Date

American Fiction official still
American Fiction

According to WhenToStream via X (formerly Twitter), Cord Jefferson's American Fiction will be officially released online on February 6.

This means that fans will be able to purchase or rent the film digitally on VOD platforms such as Amazon Prime Video.

This means that the film will have a 53-day theatrical-to-digital release window.

In a time and age when movies are made available for online purchase shortly after they debut in theaters, this 53-day window is not surprising.

When Will American Fiction Begin Streaming?

Alongside American Fiction's online release date, many fans are wondering when the title will be added to a streaming service.

American Fiction is an Amazon MGM Studios film, and moth titles under that umbrella have gone straight to streaming after their initial theatrical run.

For example, other Amazon MGM Studios movies such as Air, Foe, and Saltburn were all added to the Amazon Prime Video streaming library and completely skipped a digital release.

However, The Boys in the Boat took the same approach that American Fiction is taking and featured an exclusive window where it was only available to purchase online before being added to streaming.

The Boys in the Boat still isn't streaming yet, so it is impossible to look at it and determine exactly when American Fiction will begin streaming, but Amazon MGM will probably want to keep the film's availability exclusively digital for some time to maximize profits from the movie.

It is likely that American Fiction will end up having around a 90-day theatrical-to-streaming window, and if that holds true, fans should expect to see American Fiction available to stream on Prime Video sometime around March 14.

However, Amazon Prime Video historically releases Amazon MGM movies on its streaming platforms on Fridays, and seeing how March 14 is a Thursday, it is more likely that it will be released on Friday, March 15, 91 days after it initially debuted in theaters.

American Fiction will be made available for online purchase beginning on Tuesday, February 6.

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