Alex Kister & Mandela Catalogue Controversy Explained

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Alex Kister, The Mandela Catalogue

YouTuber and amateur filmmaker Alex Kister - who is credited with creating The Mandela Catalogue horror web series - has become the subject of controversy after allegations of predatory and grooming behavior emerged. 

Alex Kister's Predatory Allegations Explained

Alex Kister
Alex Kister

The controversy surrounding The Mandela Catalogue creator Alex Kister began with a post on X (formerly Twitter) from @stirringjuice. This included a link to a 10,000-plus-word document putting forward a series of allegations against him.

The user in question claimed to have been in a short relationship with Kister from April to June 2023, during which they claimed he exhibited "paranoia" and frequently "joked" about committing suicide.

They added how he also demonstrated "extremely unhealthy habits" and a lack of "self-control,"  making heavily sexual comments before actually opening up the relationship sexually. 

Kister was accused of developing strange relationships with his fans, having gone as far as to "make group chats with his fans [who he met on larger servers] to discuss gender identity and outfits."

The user adds that they "reached [their] limit" with Kister after he began planning to make a group chat with some of his fans who are "mainly minors:"

"I finally reached my limit when Alex started talking about wanting to create a group chat with some of his fans on the server. I quickly messaged Alex expressing my concern about this because I knew it would come off as weird and controversial for a creator to make a group chat with mainly minors."

The document detailed one interaction from this group chat, noting how a member shared a photo of themselves in a dress to which Kister responded with comments that made them "feel uncomfortable:"

"From one witness, they had posted a photo of themselves in a dress with Alex commenting things such as 'I am so envious of how you look, I wanna look like you, and I am so jealous of you.' This person would feel uncomfortable with these comments."

Kister was noted to have "[taken] advantage of his fans by using his status" which led to allegedly discussing details of his private life and sharing details of his private life with minors as young as 14 to 17.

A notable detail refers to his interactions with a 14-year-old that included sharing photos of him "wearing a cat-maid outfit," discussing his gender identity, and later apologizing for going into such topics:

"He would send photos to a 14-year-old of him wearing a cat-maid outfit and discuss his gender identity personally. He then apologized for talking about such topics with them."

They even noted how Kister befriended a 16-year-old and opted to "talk to them about sexual frustration and became affectionate."

Regardless, the user made it clear he was "not making a claim that he groomed anyone," instead calling the behavior "predatory."

The allegations notably detailed Kister's interactions with the anonymous "Victim DB," who was a fan he met in a server and went on to talk with privately, starting to "talk to them about sexual frustration and became affectionate."

The document alleges that the "power dynamic heavily comes into play" with Kister's fame and DB's fandom of him. It detailed how he "love-bombed this person" and later took the conversation "into sexual territory:"

"He love-bombed this person in order to receive his wants. Their conversation after this would heavily go into sexual territory because that’s what Alex wanted from the beginning."

After the pair confessed their feelings to each other, Kister allegedly shared "suggestive" photos with DB, including an image "showing his ass" in which he later admitted to having an erection at the time:

"DB would send a photo to Alex. It wasn’t suggestive at all, but when Alex sent photos back, they would be a lot more suggestive. One would be showing his ass, laying in bed, and showing off his legs. Then confessed saying later on that he was hard in those photos."

Having never seen or heard the anonymous DB, Kister allegedly continued to "elude into more sexual territory" and "suggested getting a hotel."

DB claimed they "discussed boundaries" with The Mandela Monologue creator about how they felt "uncomfortable" with some of his comments, and yet he continued down the sexual path he was pursuing. 

Alex Kister Responds to Allegations

Alex Kister acknowledged the allegations put forward by @stirringjuice in a post on X as he called the claims "false and baseless:"

"I would like to make an initial statement in response to @stirringjuice (Ven) regarding some false and baseless accusations made against me."

He followed up by accusing the user of "[infringing] on [his] privacy" and called his statements "slander" before promising to release his "own evidence" soon:

"They have infringed on my privacy and are using it to slander me. I will have a response with my own evidence soon."

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