Ahsoka: First Full-Body Looks at Sabine & Hera Syndulla In Live-Action (Photos)

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Star Wars has revealed the first full-body looks at Ahsoka characters Hera Syndulla and Sabine Wren

Dave Finloni's upcoming Star Wars Rebels follow-up has the exciting opportunity to introduce some of that series' beloved characters into live-action for the first time. 

While the likes of Ahsoka have already made their live-action debut, fans have been eager to see what the Rebels crew will look like when they hit the screen in this latest Disney+ epic. 

While audiences have been teased with a few of these animated personalities coming to Ahsoka, a truly good look at some of them has not yet been seen. 

A Full-Body Look at Hera and Sabine in Live-Action

New images have emerged online, showing off the first head-to-toe look at Ahsoka's live-action take on Star Wars Rebels characters Hera and Sabine. 

These full-body images come by way of cardboard standees (via Advanced Graphics) being sent out for the upcoming series.

Sabine Wren (played by Natasha Liu Bordizzo) can be seen holding her iconic Mandalorian helmet, with mismatched color armor adorning her body from top-to-bottom. 

Sabine 1
Star Wars

To compare Sabine's live-action and animated look, the character looks very similar, with the same purple hair and colorful armor. But there are small differences, with her live-action Mandalorian garb looking less hand-painted than her animated counterpart.

Sabine 2
Star Wars

Hera Syndulla got a similar treatment, striking a commanding pose in her typical pilot fatigues. 

Hera 1
Star Wars

Mary Elizabeth Winstead's Twi'lek captain looks awfully similar to the character's time in Rebels, rocking the same pilot's goggles and orange pants. 

The only major difference comes with the character's new leather jacket, which she must have procured at some point during her time as a Rebel pilot. 

Hera 2
Star Wars

Another standee released included one for Rosario Dawson's titular Ahsoka

Star Wars

And the lovable droid, Chopper, even got in on the standee action. 

Star Wars

The Ahsoka Hype Intensifies

The Rebels crew is getting the band back together, and Star Wars fans could not be more excited. 

And the cardboard standees are just one prime example of that. One of the biggest draws of the upcoming series was not only checking in on beloved Rebels characters like Hera and Sabine but seeing them make the jump from animation to live-action for the first time. 

While Lucasfilm has made a bit of an effort as of late to bring some of these fan-favorite animated characters across the inter-medium barrier (i.e. Ahsoka, Cad Bane, and Black Krrsantan), some ever wondered if Rebels would get the same treatment. 

But there have been a few faces still yet missing from Ahsoka's reintegrated Ghost crew. 

Zeb Orellios - a hulking character who did seemingly make his live-action debut in The Mandalorian Season 3 - has not been or heard from in any of Ahsoka's marketing. 

Thanks to Season 3 of Mando, fans do know he is somewhere out there in the galaxy. So, surely the lovable Lasat should play a part in the upcoming Disney+ series, especially with his Rebels compatriots back in action. 

Ahsoka is set to debut on Disney+ on Wednesday, August 23.

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