Ahsoka Episode 1 Includes Heartbreaking Ezra Bridger Reveal

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Eagle-eyed watchers of Ahsoka’s premiere episode were quick to spot an emotionally resonant callback for Sabine Wren and Ezra Bridger.

Star Wars Rebels, which ran from 2014 to 2018, did some serious world-building work for the Star Wars galaxy. Additionally, the animated series introduced tons of quality heroes and villains into the canon.

Now, Ahsoka on Disney+, having more or less been confirmed as a de facto Rebels sequel, is poised to follow up on some of that world-building and check in on some of those fan-favorite characters.

Ahsoka Features Very Poignant Ezra Bridger Detail

Warning - the rest of this article contains SPOILERS for the first two episodes of Star Wars: Ahsoka.

In the season premiere of Ahsoka, during a moment set inside the communications tower on Lothal, now being used as Sabine Wren’s living space, fans caught something specific that could be considered quite heartbreaking.

In Sabine’s apartment, on a shelf next to her bed, sat Ezra’s old repainted Imperial Scout Trooper Helmet that he often wore in Star Wars Rebels.

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Ezra was lost to someplace very far away in the Rebels series finale when he sent himself and Grand Admiral Thrawn into hyperspace by way of purrgil. Sabine has clearly held the memory of her friend close to her heart, given that she’s kept the Scout Trooper helmet by her bedside for many years after Ezra's goodbye at the end of Rebels.

Below is a screencap from an episode of Star Wars Rebels, showing Ezra wearing the very same helmet:

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Ahsoka Is a Smorgasbord for Rebels Fans

In just two episodes, not only has Ahsoka brought back Sabine Wren, but also reintroduced Hera Syndulla, now a New Republic general, and her curmudgeonly droid Chopper. This all comes with an intriguing plot line concerning the re-emergence of Thrawn, and Clancy Brown even reprised his role of Ryder Izadi!

Plus, there’s seemingly so much more to come. 

Presumably, Ezra will appear in the flesh at some point in the show’s eight-episode run. And Hera’s famous VCX-100 light freighter, the Ghost, has very much confirmed to be making its first up-close and personal live-action debut (The ship was among the thousand or so in Rise of Skywalker’s final battle scene back in 2019).

And if that wasn’t enough, merchandise has revealed that Hera’s son Jacen from the epilogue of Rebels has a role in Ahsoka as well. Not to mention that the same piece of merch indicated that the Mon Calamari mechanic Quarrie from the animated episode “Wings of the Master” will have some part to play too.

So clearly, there’s absolutely no shortage of characters and details from Star Wars Rebels that are making a grand comeback in Ahsoka, something which will surely delight Star Wars aficionados to no end.

Star Wars: Ahsoka drops new episodes on Tuesdays, with the next one arriving on August 29, exclusively on Disney+.

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