Star Wars: The Mandalorian: Evidence Points To Video Game In the Works

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The Mandalorian Xbox Video Game

Upon Disney's acquisition of Lucasfilm, the exclusive video game rights to the Star Wars license were sold to controversial publisher EA, who have gone on to publish a range of titles in the universe. Some of the biggest blockbuster releases to come out of the agreement have included Star Wars: Battlefront , Jedi Fallen Order, and Squadrons

However, the representation of Star Wars in gaming is set to take a major shift in the coming years as for the first time since the deal, other studios will be able to tackle the universe. Later this year, LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga will continue the popular brick-based take on the franchise after many years, while Ubisoft will release a Star Wars title in the coming years .

As fans await the announcement of more titles in the universe, a recent leak seems to have suggested one of these may center around the iconic Mandalorians.


A Twitter post from XboxEra co-founder Nick Baker — shared on Reddit by u/CornDogMan2020 — has revealed that, according to his sources, a Mandalorian-centric Star Wars game is in development. The frequently reliable insider noted that the studio behind the title is currently unknown.

Additionally, Baker noted that Xbox chief Phil Spencer was recently pictured with a Mandalorian Funko figure on his shelf.

Mandalorian Funko Xbox
GamesBeat Summit 2021

In the past, Spencer's shelf contents have been references to Xbox IPs, for example, the executive added a slew of Bethesda items to the display after Microsoft's acquisition of the publisher.


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Star Wars

As shared by Reddit user u/SpookyBread1 , YouTube creator MrMattyPlays recently mentioned on the Defining Duke podcast that he has heard a first-party Xbox studio is developing a Lucasfilm IP for the gaming platform.

Wolfenstein developer MachineGames is currently in the early stages of development on another Lucasfilm project with an Indiana Jones title on the way . Bethesda and MachineGames parent company ZeniMax Media were acquired by Xbox earlier in the year, making all of its many subsidiaries property of the gaming giant.

However, Matty noted on the podcast that the Indiana Jones game is not the title in question that he was referring to and another game is in development. The popular YouTuber has been known to have connections at ZeniMax Media in the past, leading some to speculate the Lucasfilm title may be developed by one of their many subsidiary developers.

Additionally, the Xbox-owned gaming giant has many unannounced titles already underway, and a Star Wars title could fit nicely into that line-up.


As their name implies, XboxEra is typically more known for scoops within the landscape of the popular Microsoft-produced console, which could suggest this release could be developed as a first-party Xbox exclusive release. Additionally, Phil Spencer's frequently discussed displays typically highlight Xbox IPs, potentially implying the title may never make its way to PlayStation consoles.

It remains unclear whether Xbox has an interest in releasing future Bethesda-produced titles onto Sony consoles , however, it seems likely that some of the biggest titles may see releases across other platforms. Bethesda is home to many classic gaming franchises like The Elder Scrolls and Fallout , meaning that Microsoft would be neglecting a lot of potential profits in avoiding a multi-platform release.


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Star Wars

Given the wild success of The Mandalorian on Disney+, It makes a lot of sense for a game centered around a Mandalorian lead to be in development. Given the episodic nature of the story, it would be easy for Lucasfilm to craft an original story in the series' timeline for a video game that would see Djarin and Grogu travel the galaxy on a new adventure.

However, there are plenty of other Mandalorian characters within the Star Wars universe besides Pedro Pascal's Din Djarin, so it's possible he might not lead the game. The Mandalorians seem perfectly suited for a Mass Effect- styled RPG title that could allow players to design their own character to take on adventures around the galaxy.

The world of Star Wars will return to game consoles later this year in LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga . Meanwhile, The Mandalorian will release its third season exclusively on Disney+ in 2022 .

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