Disney+'s X-Men '97 Just Killed Off 8 Major Mutants

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X-Men 97 Rogue

X-Men '97 Episode 5 marked a huge turning point in the animated series' story with one of the most unexpected twists in Marvel history.

The obliteration of Genosha was not only a metaphorically significant moment of storytelling but also an abrupt completion for many now-dead characters' stories; Season 1 Showrunner Beau DeMayo explained that this was by design.

Several characters — Rogue, Nightcrawler, and Archangel, for instance — made it out alive. But many of their friends and loved ones were not so lucky.

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X-Men '97: All 8 Mutants Killed in Genosha

In X-Men '97 Season 1, Episode 5, "Remember It," a giant Sentinel destroyed Genosha and killed many fan-favorite mutants.

The actual number of mutants killed during the attack is still unknown. Cyclops tried to ask the X-Men who were watching the events on television, but the team was stunned and silent by what they were witnessing, leaving fans and Cyclops to wonder.

Regardless, eight named characters were confirmed dead, either in the episode or on social media after the fact.


Gambit in X-Men '97, covered in a pink-ish purple light and blood on his chin, with the background of a city consumed in red.
Marvel Animation

Often associated with a thick Cajun accent, playing cards, and a tendency to speak in the third person, Gambit had the ability to charge anything with kinetic energy.

His death is arguably the most memorable of the episode. His final words gave Episode 5 its name. Beyond that, he died thinking that Rogue chose Magneto over him, a belief Season 1 showrunner Beau DeMayo said "is key."

While fighting the giant Sentinel, Gambit was stabbed—seemingly fatally. Still, with the last bit of energy he had left, Gambit set off a giant explosive charge that destroyed both him and the Sentinel with its power.

Madelyne Pryor

Madelyne Pryor from X-Men '97, with only her head and right hand visible, in front of a black background, with a purple gradient bottom half.
Marvel Animation

Thanks to Mister Sinister's work, Madelyne Pryor and Jean Grey are clones. They do not know who the original was or when they were switched, but they do know that Madelyne gave birth to Nathan Summers before sending him away.

Equipped with all the mind-reading and mind-control powers of her clone (who stayed behind with Cyclops and the X-Men), Madelyne moved to Genosha to represent the X-Men on the mutant nation's ruling council. She never got far in the position, though, as she was killed during Genosha's destruction.

However, right before she died, she saw her son, Nathan Summers (Cable), all grown up. Cable seemed to be trying to stop what was about to happen, and when he realized it was inevitable, he apologized to his mother and left through a portal. Then, the attack began.

Within the chaos of the last 10 minutes of the episode, fans may have had trouble discerning whether Madelyne died. Still, DeMayo confirmed it on social media after the fact, adding in another post that, "Maddie was vaporized."


Dazzler in X-Men '97, wearing bright clothes and agains a bright city background. Her eyes are closed, and her fingers are intertwined in front of her chest.
Marvel Animation

Dazzler did not get too much attention in X-Men '97 but did definitively die in Episode 5.

In the comics, Dazzler has the ability to turn sonic vibrations into beams of light, which she sometimes uses to light up her concerts but other times weaponizes for battle.

DeMayo confirmed this death online too, as there was some confusion over whether the body lying dead was actually Dazzler.


Banshee holding Marrow while flying from X-Men '97. His yellow cape flies behind him. The sky is red and brown.
Marvel Animation

Banshee is another mutant who was not a main player in X-Men '97 but was still a recognizable loss in Episode 5. The Irish mutant has the power of a sonic scream and eventually develops a romance with Moira MacTaggert.

During the attack on Genosha, Banshee, while holding onto the mutant Marrow as the two tried to fly away, told Rogue to run to the gardens before being hit by the Sentinel's blast.

Neither character was seen again, implying the destructive blast killed them.


Marrow from X-Men '97. Just her head and neck are visible, though the wing-like bones on her back can be seen behind her. Someone else who has their back turned stands in front of her right shoulder. It appears to be nighttime.
Marvel Animation

Speaking of Marrow, her mutant power is the ability to grow bones out of her skin, which she can use as a weapon.

Easily recognizable with her short, red hair and bones on her back, which resemble wings, Banshee held up Marrow before the pair were hit simultaneously.

Again, it is possible that either Banshee, Marrow, or both survived. But, with how destructive the event was combined with the fact that they were not seen again in the episode, it is likely they did not make it.

Sebastian Shaw

Sebastian Shaw in X-Men '97, wearing a green suit jacket on top of a white-blue-and-yellow shirt. He is holding a drink, and there is a pink-and-purple gradient behind him, divided at the center by a darker background.
Marvel Animation

In the comics, Sebastian Shaw is a mutant with the ability to absorb energy. He is often associated with Emma Frost and the Hellfire Club—in fact, he and Emma both were members of the Genosha council earlier in the episode.

The moment of Sebastian's death is not shown in the episode, but fans can see him lying dead next to Dazzler at the 26:00 timecode in X-Men '97 Episode 5.


Callisto from X-Men '97. She is laying down with her head on a pillow, seemingly dead. A black eye patch covers her right eye, and has short-cut blue hair.
Marvel Animation

With the mutant ability of super senses, Callisto is a great fighter and can be recognized by her short hair and eyepatch.

Her death is also not shown in the episode, but it did happen. Even beyond the fact that Callisto can be seen lying unconscious on the ground, fans can spot her non-patched pupil contract for a few seconds.

Given that Callisto's abilities included enhanced sight, the shrinking of her pupil likely indicated the loss of her mutant power following her death.


Squid-Boy from X-Men '97, laying on the ground, seemingly dead. He is orange, with red hair, and his head has similar qualities to that of a fish. He wears a tuxedo, but small drops of blood can be seen on it. A woman with her eyes closed lays in front of him, but is mostly out of the frame.
Marvel Animation

Though named after a squid, Squid-Boy has the mutation of exhibiting fish-like qualities. For example, his head is orange and fish-shaped. In the comics, Squid-Boy saved Juggernaut from drowning, which led the two to become close.

Squid-Boy was another mutant killed off-screen but shown among the dead bodies from the attack.


Magneto and the Morlocks from X-Men '97. The entire image is bathed in green light. Magneto has his hands out, using his powers of magnetism, while the Morlock Leech hugs him, with a scared look on his face. The three other visible Morlocks all appear shocked by what they are looking at out of the frame.
Marvel Animation

Magneto, the self-proclaimed "Master of Magnetism," was killed during the battle along with some of the Morlocks (a group of mutants unable to pass as humans due to more visible mutations).

Thinking back to his experiences during the Holocaust, Magneto exploded with rage and vengeance, doing all he could to destroy the Sentinel and save the Morlocks, who were stranded in the middle of the carnage.

One Morlock, Leech, has the mutant ability to suppress the X-gene of those he touches. Leech could be seen holding onto Magneto before the Sentinel gets in a potentially fatal blast. After some time attacking, the Sentinel registers no mutant presence remaining.

The Sentinel either killed all the Morlocks and Magneto, or Leech could suppress Magneto's X-gene to make it seem like no mutants were present.

Honorable Mention: Moira MacTaggert

Moira MacTaggert in X-Men '97. She is in front of a wooden background, with some light coming in from her right side. Just her head and neck are visible, but she has short red hair with bangs, and is wearing what seems to be a teal suit jacket.
Marvel Animation

Though she has recently been revealed as a mutant in the comics, Moira MacTaggert does not seem to be one in X-Men '97, according to another post from DeMayo. Despite this, she was killed by a Sentinel in Episode 5.

In the episode, she can be seen lying next to Squid-Boy, if not dead, then certainly unconscious. DeMayo confirmed it was the former on social media after the episode was released.

As of writing, Moira is the only human to have been killed during the destruction of Genosha.

Are These Mutants Really Dead?

Comic book logic states that Uncle Ben is the only person who stays dead in a superhero comic. Everyone else can be revived at any point. So there is a chance that these characters could come back.

Cable seems to be working in some capacity to try and stop the attack from ever happening, and comics X-Men are notorious for not staying dead.

However, considering DeMayo's explanation of the significance of this sequence, it seems that these deaths cannot be reversed.

If these characters were to be revived, it could be at the expense of the powerful story DeMayo wanted to tell.

Fans will hopefully learn more when Season 1, Episode 6 of X-Men '97 hits Disney+ on Wednesday, April 17.

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