Is Angie Leaving Will Trent? Erika Christensen's Character Future Explained

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Erika Christensen as Angie in Will Trent Season 3

The final episode of Will Trent Season 2 raised concern about Erika Christensen's future on the series as Angie Polaski.

Angie has been part of the Will Trent cast since the series' debut in 2023, working with the Atlanta Police Department and bringing a lightness and sense of humor to the darkness that comes with her work.

She also has an on-again/off-again relationship with Ramón Rodríguez's Will Trent, although that relationship and much more surrounding Polaski could be in jeopardy after recent events.

Is Angie Polaski Leaving Will Trent?

Will Trent and Angie in Will Trent Season 3 Episode 10

Season 2, Episode 10 of Will Trent put Erika Christensen's Angie in a difficult situation, leaving her future in the series in question.

Will Trent and his team find themselves chasing a female serial killer in this episode - one who was taking out sex offenders in a spree of vigilante-style killings.

This comes while Angie is on leave and not actively involved with the case, leaving her potentially without an alibi.

While pursuing Crystal, the real killer, Crystal tries to jump across a river before slipping on a rock and cracking her head. This leads to her falling facedown into the water and meeting her end.

Even though the killer is dead, Angie previously covered up Crystal's murder of another killer. This leads Will to place Angie under arrest for her crimes, effectively ending their relationship before Will packs a bag and leaves town.

Speaking with TVLine, showrunners Liz Heldens and Daniel Thomsen discussed the moment and what it means for Angie's future.

Heldens admitted that "everything is on the table" for Angie, praising Erika Christensen's work with the character and wanting to see her story continue:

"We’ve talked about that, and we’ve talked about a path back. Everything is on the table now. We have to look at the ecosystem of the show. But we are big, big, big Erika Christensen fans over here. I love watching her, and personally I would follow [Angie] wherever she went."

She also touched on Angie's relationship with Will, admitting that she had "never arrested a romantic partner before" while noting that it seems "pretty hard to come back from."

Thomsen went on to discuss how this will affect Angie's sobriety, having debated in the writer's room "when and if she should fall off" on that journey. The team simply did not want to "do the expected thing" or "use it as a cheap plot twist," wanting this finale to give her a real reason to hit rock bottom.

Looking ahead to Season 3, Thomsen addressed how this situation will somewhat mirror real life in looking at how "cops go through the judicial system" differently than the general public.

While it likely would not include "a long court trial," it will unquestionably "mark a very significant departure in Angie’s life."

The showrunners also spoke with TV Insider about the episode, with Heldens teasing that they are in for "a nice challenging shake-up" going into Season 3.

Thomsen commented further on how real the series feels "in terms of what these characters are going through," looking forward to figuring out what Angie is in for and what Will has to handle without Angie around:

Heldens: "We’re gonna figure it out on June 3. [Laughs] No, we have some ideas, but… it’s kind of nice to sort of throw all the pieces in the air and figure out where they’re gonna land. And so I think it’ll be a nice challenging shake-up for us. Right, Dan? Do you have a plan?"

Thomsen: "No, I mean, I think one of the things that people love about the show is how real it feels in terms of what these characters are going through, and I think that this kind of just seismic change that you have to find a way to roll with is kind of a part of life for people. And so yeah, we’re excited to kind of figure out what it looks like for her as well as he is forced to contemplate a chapter of his life without Angie."

Heldens took a step back to Crystal's death, feeling that Angie would have arrested her and brought her to justice had she not died in the river:

"I mean, I think she would have arrested her. I do. I don’t think there’s any version of Angie that would let a serial killer go. I think when she said to come with me that she was going to arrest her. That’s in my brain. I suppose that’s open to interpretation."

Thomsen agreed with that sentiment, touching on this being the first time Angie dealt with that kind of darkness before:

"No, I completely agree. I think Erika did a great job of really showing how much it hit Angie when the revelation dropped. Because Angie is somebody who’s been through so much in her life and has never flirted with that kind of darkness. Really. I mean, the closest she came was probably with Lenny. Yeah, I think she would definitely arrest her."

The first two seasons of Will Trent are now streaming on Hulu.

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