Wendigoon 2024 Controversy & Allegations Explained

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Isaiah Nichols aka Wendigoon

YouTube star Wendigoon has found himself amid controversy regarding allegations of his upbringing and potentially problematic political leanings. 

Wendigoon is best known for his horror/conspiracy-centric content and has been making videos on YouTube since September 2020. 

The content creator amassed a sizable following, garnering over 3.6 million subscribers on the platform (as of May 29, 2024) and 369.4 thousand followers on X (formerly Twitter). 

The Wendigoon 2024 Drama Explained


Wendigoon, a popular YouTuber and content creator, has been called out for potentially controversial views. 

The horror and conspiracy YouTube personality is embroiled in controversy following the release of a video made by fellow YouTuber In Praise of Shadows, scrutinizing him for his political leanings, religious associations, and stance on gun ownership.

According to the now-deleted video detailing the allegations, the popular online star - who has spoken about being a gun owner and right-leaning in the past - allegedly has ties to far-right extremism and has harbored association with other controversial individuals such as Internet Historian (who was recently brought under fire for potential ties to Nazism and other far-right movements. 

He also accused the YouTuber of coming from a privileged wealthy family, which In Praise of Shadows says was one reason for Wendigoon's success.

In the past, Wendigoon has been linked to similar allegations and associations, specifically to the YouTuber's past username.

At one point, the online content creator went by Boogalooboi which some thought to mean he associated with the Boogaloo movement, a far-right extremist movement hoping for a second American Civil War.

Wendiogoon responded to the Boogaloo controversy, saying he used the name before the movement rose to prominence. When "it became something [he[ didn't want to be a part of," he dropped the name (via Reddit).

The Response to the Wendigoon Controversy

In Praise of Shadows has since removed his video and made his X (formerly Twitter) profile private. 

He also posted to his personal Patreon after his video came under fire, saying he "let [his] emotions get the better of [him]" in pursuing the project in the first place:

"Flat out, I let my emotions get the best of me here. This wasn't my best work and this wasn't my best self. This was made out of anger, and I should never lower myself to do that. And before I say anything, I should say sorry to you for engaging myself this way. I will not be taking on another project like this again. You know me as being a media analysis channel, and that is what I should be. I should promote love in horror through providing a positive example."

Several major YouTubers have come to Wendigoon's side since the most recent allegations were levied against the online personality. Names like Sensitive Soci3ty, MorePegasus, and Exate posted videos condemning In Praise of Shadows' actions. 

Wendigoon also responded to the controversy, posting online (via Reddit) that In Praise of Shadows "never reached out" and that the video was a "hit piece:"

"And no he never reached out. There was a lot he got wrong even objectively I would've been happy to clear up, even for a hit piece. For example, my parents were not rich, in the quote he even reads I say 'my dad lost everything' and that was all before I was born. I never went hungry but my father cut a lot of corners to make that happen."

He posited that his coming from money is just "one of many assumptions made" in the video and hopes "no one harasses him on [his] behalf:"

"I don't mind people thinking I 'come from money' but it was just one of many assumptions made. I feel bad for him, the guy seems to have a lot of hate in his heart and that can't be easy on the bones. I don't have any malice and I meant what I said in my comment on the video, I hope no one harasses him on my behalf. If I make a tweet saying that, however, that'll just drive more eyes towards him and I don't want that as a lot of people are mad regardless of what I say. I wish him the best and hope he finds what he's looking for."

As of writing, In Praise of Shadow's Wendigoon video remains down along with his social media channels. 

In Praise of Shadows and Wendigoon's content can be watched on YouTube.

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