Warner Bros. Reportedly Considered Drake to Play DC's Cyborg (Photo)

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Drake, Cyborg

While the DC Extended Universe and Warner Bros' other DC properties have a bright future ahead, there are a couple of outstanding characters that remain on the sidelines for the foreseeable future. Near the top of that list is regular Justice League member Cyborg, who was only a part of two DCEU movies along with Zack Snyder's Justice League before the Ray Fisher vs. WB conflict put the hero on hold.

Before everything went downhill with Cyborg, DC had major plans for the hero both as a part of the Justice League and on his own solo journey throughout the DCEU. Ray Fisher had his own Cyborg solo movie in the works, and he was even rumored to play a small role in Ezra Miller's The Flash - now, it's becoming unlikely that Warner Bros. will see those plans come to fruition anytime soon.

Even outside of Ray Fisher's take on the character, Cyborg has such a prominent place amongst DC's biggest heroes that there are seemingly always ideas to bring him into major Hollywood stories. Now fans know about one of those Cyborg stories that never came to be, and it comes with something of an unexpected actor taking on the role.

Grammy-Winning Rapper Was Almost DC's Cyborg?


Character and Creature Designer Jared Krichevsky took to Instagram to share an image of award-winning rapper Drake in the role of Cyborg. Krichevsky noted that this was a piece of concept art meant for a show that never came to fruition, mentioning that Warner Bros. "wanted to cast Drake" during development:

"Cyborg concept for a series that didn't happen. They wanted to cast Drake at one point"
Drake, Cyborg

Krichevsky has a number of major blockbusters on his resume, including as a designer for 2013's The Wolverine and 2014's The Amazing Spider-Man 2. He also contributed to 2017's Wonder Woman for the DC Extended Universe, and he's currently working with director James Gunn on 2023's Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3.

DC Considering Bold Ideas with Drake

Almost nobody in the entertainment industry is as big as Drake, who has four Grammy Awards and nearly 50 Grammy nominations under his belt over the last 15 years. On top of his music career, he has a few notable acting credits on his resume, which includes the classic early 2000s TV show Degrassi along with a voiceover role in Ice Age: Continental Drift.

Putting Drake into a DC movie or series would certainly given him the biggest role of his acting career, although he's acted in enough high-profile projects to make his consideration for the role feasible. It's still unclear how close he was to actually getting the role or how close the show was to going into development, but even seeing him in concept art shows that it was a serious idea for some time.

With Drake's last acting role having come in 2018' The Egos, it's difficult to tell whether he would revisit the idea of playing Cyborg for any DC-related programming from Warner Bros. On top of that, it's even more of a mystery if Warner Bros. will want to bring Cyborg back at all in the near future, especially as the company's merger with Discovery settles in.

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