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WandaVision is tackling television in a way only the MCU can. From week-to-week audiences can see Wanda Maximoff further develop this time-jumping sitcom starring Scarlet Witch and Vision.

The Disney+ series takes much inspiration from iconic comedies of different decades , including Bewitched , Growing Pains , and most recently Malcolm in the Middle . Each episode mimics the aesthetics of the time period it's evoking, including a theme song that is unique to every new era of WandaVision .

The individual theme songs are composed by Frozen 2's Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez, and the show's score is created by Ant-Man's Christophe Beck. After a few episodes of some nostalgic opening credits sequences, the series' composers are now revealing that the musical themes actually feature some hidden connections to the MCU.


In a new interview from Variety , WandaVision composers Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez spoke on how “unbelievably fun and easy” it felt to work on the new Marvel Studios series right after finishing Frozen 2 :

Lopez: “This felt like a walk in the park, writing a number of minute-long songs that had to have a little structure and set a tone. It was unbelievably fun and easy after the mammoth task that was ‘Frozen 2.'”

Anderson-Lopez: “It was like training for the Olympics in the Rockies and then descending to Salt Lake City to just go have a sandwich.”

Composer Christophe Beck added that “attentive fans” will be able to find “musical Easter eggs that refer to other Marvel films.” Beck ended his statement by saying “Some of them are pretty subtle. Some are not.”


The Marvel Cinematic Universe has no shortage of iconic scores. Though each character has a musical theme that does follow them from film to film, every new entry in the MCU brings a new take on a particular franchise's compositions.

These unique scores allow other films and shows to reference certain distinct moments in the past, and it's quite possible Christophe Beck has hidden callbacks to important moments from Wanda's MCU history within the cheery soundtrack that usually accompanies the show.

Beck has already released a WandaVision version of the Avengers theme , which premiered in a teaser for the series. Other musical moments hidden within the show could reference Danny Elfman's Age of Ultron score when Wanda lost Pietro, Henry Jackman's Civil War score when Wanda caused the destruction at Lagos, or even Alan Silvestri's Infinity War score when Wanda had to destroy Vision's Mind Stone.

Christophe Beck created an almost two-minute long “Wanda's Theme” for the show, which plays over every episode's end credits. With five accompanying opening credits songs composed by Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez, and a week to wait until WandaVision 's next chapter, it looks like fans have plenty of time to find all the musical MCU easter eggs sprinkled throughout the new series.

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