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Scarlett Witch Using Magic with Vision

WandaVision director Matt Shakman recently described a cut sequence from the finale in which Kat Dennings' Darcy, Monica Rambeau's Monica, and Wanda's sons would've planned to steal the Darkhold from Agatha Harkness' basement. This would have led to Harkness' rabbit Señor Scratchy transforming into a demon, leading to a Goonies-esque chase sequence.

The director also previously confirmed the scene was filmed, however, the VFX was never finished. This has led many to wonder if this scene, along with any other cut footage, would see the light of day in future bonus material, much like has been seen with movie home releases. 

While Shakman has seemingly shut down the chances of fans ever seeing that particular sequence, it seems as if others be seen eventually...


In an interview with Entertainment TonightWandaVision director Matt Shakman was asked about the chances of the cut Goonies-esque sequence ever being released as a bonus feature like has happened with MCU movies in the past.

However, the director shut down any hope of seeing that particular scene as it was seemingly abandoned “pretty early on,” but he did offer hope to those waiting for other deleted scenes as he teases some may “potentially” be released:

“That particular sequence, no, because we never finished it. We abandoned it pretty early on, because we were reformatting the structure of the finale and it no longer really had a place, despite having done some great shooting on it. So, there exists no version of that that could be released. In terms of other things being released, potentially!”

Shakman went on to be asked about the lack of Darcy in the finale as the episode has been heavily criticized for her incredibly minor role. Unfortunately, it seems as if no further scenes with Kat Dennings' character were filmed as the director explained they “weren't able to make the schedules work:”

“We would love to. The schedule was tough, because we had to stop and come back and schedules didn't always align. So, we did hope to have a few more scenes with Kat [Dennings] in the final version, but we just weren't able to make the schedules work, unfortunately. But I think the way she comes in and takes out Hayward is pretty great.”

In another interview with Rolling Stone, the Marvel director was asked if there were any elements of the more modern sitcoms that inspired the later episodes that they wanted to include but couldn't due to the focus on the MCU plot.

The filmmaker revealed they were happy with the amount of sitcom plot included as the show was really “always about Wanda realizing how she ended up here” and Vision's “dawning awareness:”

“Not so much. I did remember reading your piece about the Malcolm episode and you saying, “This is a great sitcom, and I wish there was more of it.” And that’s fair, but this was always about Wanda realizing how she ended up here, and then trying to control it and protect it, while Vision is realizing what the rules of this world are, his dawning awareness.”

Shakman went on to describe that there were additional plots planned for the episode with more of “Uncle P up to no good,” however, the focus on the real-world story prevented it:

“The narrative was always going to spend more time in the real world and start to play with that line between them. That was a part of the larger narrative about grief and loss. I loved doing the Malcolm stuff, it was superfun. There was a lot of Malcolm in that episode, though, with Uncle P up to no good. But we did obviously have to spend more time in the real world with that story.”


The majority of WandaVision's production, unfortunately, fell during the global pandemic, meaning the restrictions and the limitations significantly held back plans for the series. It seems as though there was a lot planned for the series that the COVID-19 restrictions and other issues prevented from coming to light.

WandaVision creator Jac Schaeffer has previously described an entire cut episode from the series which would have explored Wanda's career in the town. Additionally, it seems as though there were many scenes and an entire subplot cut from the final episode, potentially along with scrapped plans for a Doctor Strange cameo.

"The Series Finale" has proven to be a controversial end to the MCU sitcom story, to say the least. With fan theories running rampant over the two-month run of the show, it was impossible for the story to live up to the expectations of many. 

It seems there was a lot more planned for the story all around, and while it was absent from the final cut, fans can only hope some of it may see the light of day in the future in any potential bonus material. 

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