WandaVision Director Reveals Elizabeth Olsen's Reaction To Scarlet Witch's New Costume

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Elizabeth Olsen as Wanda Maximoff

WandaVision is the first entry of the ambitious Phase 4 slate of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and it was evident that it didn't disappoint. Serving as a showcase for Wanda's personal and emotional journey in a post- Endgame world , the series introduced a lot of unique elements, from its sitcom-based reality all the way to the introduction of the powerful Chaos Magic .

Although the Maximoff anomaly was resolved at the tail-end of WandaVision , it was made clear that this is only the beginning of the next chapter of Wanda's story in the MCU, and it all boils down to the character's transition into the Scarlet Witch . After nine episodes, it's no secret that this reveal was a game-changer not just for the series, but for the entire landscape of the monumental franchise.

While fans wait on how the Scarlet Witch will affect the rest of the MCU, an interview has surfaced that provides details about Elizabeth Olsen's first time wearing the character's new costume.


In an interview with Entertainment Tonight , WandaVision director Matt Shakman shared Elizabeth Olsen's reaction upon wearing the Scarlet Witch costume for the first time.

Shakman revealed that the MCU veteran was “so practical” since she “immediately put [the suit on]” to let the crew know how it would actually function while she is wearing it:

“She is so practical. I love her. She is so practical that she immediately put it on and she was like, "OK, I can do this move and I can't do this move. And I need to be able to do this move." We were like, "Great!" So then we have to re-engineer it, because those suits are tough. I mean, it's one thing to look amazing. It's another thing to actually function. And she knows what she has to do better than anybody, having done this for years now.”

The director then praised Olsen's “physical work” while also sharing the first time that the MCU's Scarlet Witch was unveiled during filming:

“She's so adept at the physical work -- she's beyond adept at every part of her job -- so she was quickly picking apart how it would work. But I do remember vividly when she emerged in that outfit, we were in a dusty field across from our sound stages in Atlanta at the S.W.O.R.D base that we had built in this field, and she was cloaked and brought over surrounded by umbrellas and all sorts of things to hide her from any paparazzi photographers. And then we took off the cloak and there was the Scarlet Witch. That was pretty awesome.”

Shakman then confirmed that the crew consulted Olsen regarding her new costume, admitting that “the crown was obviously the biggest discussion” since they were contemplating on showcasing a bigger one. Ultimately, they decided to go with the larger crown to closely resemble the character's costume from the comics:

"Oh, definitely. We consulted with her. I showed her the art as it was coming along and she loved it, I think. She was really excited about it. She was also really excited about her Halloween costume, the classic Scarlet Witch look. She loved that. Hats off to Andy Park and the visual development team at Marvel, they're amazing. We went through many different versions of what that would look like before we landed perfectly on that one. The crown was obviously the biggest discussion. We started with a much smaller one, because your initial instinct is, how big can you really go? Because it's so big in the comics. And then we quickly realized, go big or go home! So, we got bigger."


Shakman's recollection of Olsen's first time wearing the suit serves as a fitting reminder of the actress' passion for the Wanda Maximoff character. At this stage, the new costume for the Scarlet Witch is expected to be worn by Olsen in the years to come, and it makes perfect sense for the MCU veteran to put the premium on its functionality.

In a way, this could also hint that there will be more action scenes for the character's next appearance in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness .

Through the years, the MCU has always found a way to pay tribute to their heroes' comic-book counterparts in the form of adopting certain elements into their super-suits, ranging from Iron Man's armor all the way to Captain America's costume. It's safe to say that Wanda joins that long list, with WandaVision providing two solid references for the character through the character's Halloween costume and the much-talked-about suit in the finale.

Wanda, Episode 9, WandaVision
Marvel Studios ' WandaVision

Given the leaks that hounded the MCU series, it's impressive that the costume for the Scarlet Witch didn't surface while the show was airing on Disney+, and Shakman's comments indicate that the crew managed to successfully preserve this secret from the paparazzi.

On the surface, it makes sense for the crew to highlight the crown of the suit, mainly because it is the prime element of the costume. Based on the actual reveal from the finale, it looks like the size of the crown was a safe choice since it closely resembles its comic counterpart while also being infused with its own live-action flavor.

All in all, the Scarlet Witch is expected to be a major figure of the MCU moving forward, and her stunning costume will remain part of the character's trademark for years to come.

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