Why Did Tom Brady Do the Netflix Roast?

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Tom Brady Roast Netflix

The recent roast of Tom Brady on Netflix has audiences why the former NFL superstar would do such an event.

Branded as the "Greatest Roast of All Time" by the streamer, the live event saw Brady subject himself to three hours of ridicule from star comedians, celebrity A-listers, and peers from the sporting world. 

The live feed drew millions of viewers on Sunday, May 5, and millions more later as the roast remains on Netflix as a streaming product. These gargantuan viewership numbers were enough to make The Roast of Tom Brady the sixth-most-watched show of the week it aired in just a single day (per Forbes).

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Why Did Tom Brady Do Netflix's Roast?

Tom Brady Netflix Roast

Participating in a roast of oneself is a baffling prospect for many, so why would a celebrity like Tom Brady agree to do one when Netflix comes calling?

The Roast of Tom Brady seems to have been a major success for the streaming giant, but it may be confusing to some what exactly there is to gain for someone like Tom Brady. 

Well, there are a couple of reasons the seven-time Super Bowl champ likely agreed to be the focus of such an event. 

The most simple of these is likely a boatload of money. At times, the roastee at these sorts of events is paid to subject themselves to the ridicule that typically comes from them. 

However, sometimes the subject of these roasts agree to have the event center around them for no fee at all. 

Celebrities like Justin Bieber (who was the subject of a Comedy Central Roast in 2015) have donated these appearance fees to charity. 

Instead, many see these sorts of events as a great branding opportunity, allowing the general public to see a major A-list celebrity knocked down a few pegs with some good old-fashioned ribbing.

This can humanize these figures in the process, making a sometimes seemingly untouchable celebrity look a little closer to the average person.

The humanization factor can be a major draw for brands looking to partner with a particular celebrity as well.

So - while the roastee may not get paid in the moment - these roast events can lead to plenty of lucrative branding partnerships, with companies wanting to work with someone willing to put themselves through such a cruel affair on live television. 

A Patriots Reunion Could Have Played Into It

Another reason Brady may have done the Netflix roast was the fact that - for the first time in a long time - it brought together so many people he holds dear. 

In a conversation with Entertainment Tonight, Brady mentioned "I got all my boys here," referring to former teammates and other colleagues from his football career like his New England head coach Bill Belichick.

While that reason is not a confirmation of why he would sign on for an event like this, it surely played into the decision, as the former NFL superstar knew it would bring people from his playing days into one place for the first time in a long time. 

Former New England Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman put it into words during his set going at Brady, as he joked, "Next time we all meet it will be at [Patriots owner] Robert Kraft's funeral."

While Edelman's comments were said in a joking manner, there is a level of sincerity there. 

Brady likely has not seen some of these people (especially all in one place) since his playing days ended in 2022. 

So, even if most of the jokes for the night were at his expense, he got to experience a mini New England Patriots reunion, the prospect of which likely played into why he agreed to the Netflix roast in the first place. 

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The Roast of Tom Brady is streaming now on Netflix.

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