The Suicide Squad: Harley Quinn, Bloodsport and 13 More Characters Gather on New Covers

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Harley Quinn, Suicide Squad

The Suicide Squad is set to take the world by storm when it premieres in theaters next year. Plot details of the film are still being kept under wraps, but anticipation is already sky-high for the upcoming DCEU entry.

The film's director, James Gunn, has been vocal about The Suicide Squad in the past months, revealing interesting tidbits to hype up the eventual release of the project. The main highlight of Gunn's tease was during last August's DC FanDome, where he shared concrete details about the film while also providing a first look at the star-studded roster of Task Force X. 

From that point on, the anticipation for the film dialed up even further, and this was supported by more teaser images released by Gunn. And now, brand new promotional material for The Suicide Squad has surfaced, giving fans a closer look at the sheer amount of characters involved in the film. 


James Gunn revealed the new cover art for The Suicide Squad on Empire magazine. Gunn revealed that the issue will be on sale on October 29 while also teasing a wide array of images and interviews with the cast. 

In a separate tweet, Empire shared more details about the upcoming issue while also revealing the subscriber-only version of the cover which featured Gunn with the rest of the cast. 



As it is, the main selling point of The Suicide Squad is the characters and how they fit into the overall narrative. While details about that remain unknown for the time being, it's refreshing to see the star-studded cast of the film in full Task Force X gear. On top of that, seeing Gunn on the cover with the rest of the cast is an eye-catching site for longtime fans of the director. 

The first teaser footage of The Suicide Squad only provided fans with glimpses of the live-action costumes of the characters, but this new cover art presents a more detailed look at the villains. Rick Flagg actor Joel Kinnaman previously hinted that the film will be "heavily R-rated," and it will be interesting to see which characters will remain unscathed by the time credits roll. Given the number of characters involved, it is likely that there will be a high body count.

In conjunction with the reveal, it's exciting to know that fans can expect new images and interviews to surface soon, and there's a chance that this could provide more information about the plot and the chief villain of the film. 

All in all, the recently-released cover art for The Suicide Squad will likely increase fan anticipation for the film while also giving a clearer picture of how the characters will look visually on the silver screen. 

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