Who Is Iván Amozurrutia? 5 Things to Know About Netflix's The Manny Star

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Iván Amozurrutia in The Manny

The Manny, Netflix's latest comedy series, features actor Iván Amozurrutia as Gabriel, the series' titular cowboy-turned-babysitter. 

The series, which has been climbing the streaming charts since its December 24 debut, follows the romance between Sandra Echeverría's Jimena, a high-ranking business executive and single mother of three, and Iván Amozurrutia's Gabriel, a rancher who happens to be great with kids. 

While Iván Amozurrutia may be gaining attention for his role as The Manny's cowboy caretaker, this Netflix series is far from the actor's first rodeo. 

5 Facts About The Manny's Iván Amozurrutia

Iván Amozurrutia in Netflix's The Manny

He's a Netflix Veteran

The Mexico City-born Iván Amozurrutia is no stranger to Netflix or starring in an original series for the streamer. 

Before landing the role of Gabriel for The Manny, the 30-year-old actor appeared in Netflix's The Five Juanas, Dark Desire, High Heat, and Fake Profile.

Iván's Grandmother Was a Famous Actress

Iván Amozurrutia was not the first in his family to have been bitten by the acting bug. 

His grandmother, Kitty de Hoyos, was a star of the Golden Age of Mexican cinema, and Iván credits her for his introduction to the craft, saying in a conversation with GQ, "She was the one who brought my brother and me to the theater for the first time:"

"She was the one who brought my brother and me to the theater for the first time, and that had a great impact. I saw her perform in 'Who... yo?,' his latest work. They called her the 'Mexican Marilyn Monroe' and I remember that too about her, the glamour, her beautiful house, with very large carpets and chairs. It was a great experience to go and visit her."

Iván Amozurrutia Wasn't Going To Be an Actor

Despite his family's history with acting, Iván Amozurrutia claimed he "never thought of acting as my final profession" and only later abandoned the idea of an International Business career (via Kinowetter):

"I never thought of acting as my final profession to do in my life. But when I finished high school it was like, I was considering a lot of possibilities, and something inside of me realized that acting was my passion. And so, I followed that instinct I have to say. I ended up acting."

Amozurrutia has also expressed interest in taking on a role behind the camera one day, telling Chic Magazine in January 2023, "...at some point, I'd like to direct or produce a project..."

Iván's a Globetrotter

One of Iván Amozurrutia's hobbies that has crossed over into his acting career is travel.

In addition to chronicling his globetrotting on his Instagram page, the Netflix star explained his wanderlust to GQ as a way "to invest in yourself:"

"To travel is to invest in yourself, to let yourself be surprised by something that is incredibly beautiful."

Acting has already allowed Amozurrutia to travel more, and it's a trend that he hopes will continue, saying, "Of course I want to do more things in other countries..."

Iván Amozurrutia Wants To Play a Superhero 

When asked about his future goals as an actor, the 6-foot-3-inches tall Iván Amozurrutia admitted that playing "a superhero" is on his professional wish list:

"But to be honest, I would also like to portray maybe a superhero or a character that existed like a biopic or something like that."

However, superpowers aren't all that The Manny star is aiming for. In fact, in talking with Chic Magazine, he relayed that what he truly wants as an actor "are roles that challenge me and contribute to me."

As of December 2023, Amozurrutia is in a relationship with social media influencer and model Alina Enero.

The Manny is streaming now on Netflix.

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