The Final Destination Franchise Is Now Getting Rebooted (Exclusive)

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Final Destination 6, William Bludworth

The production designer for the upcoming Final Destination 6 film confirmed that it’s considered a reboot.

The sixth entry in the franchise was first announced as being in development in 2019, though due to many factors, including the COVID-19 pandemic, progress on the film has been slow. Both Zach Lipovsky and Adam B. Stein will be co-directing the project, and Scream VI screenwriter Guy Busik is penning the story.

While little is known about the movie, it was previously revealed that the plot will center on first responders instead of the usual cast of younger characters.

According to franchise creator Jeffrey Reddick, filming for the next entry is ready to go as soon as the current SAG-AFTRA strike is resolved. He even shared that “it’s gonna be well worth the wait.”

Final Destination 6 Is Considered a Reboot

Final Destination 5 poster
New Line Cinema

In an exclusive interview with The Direct’s Russ Milheim, Upload and Final Destination 6 Production Designer Rachel O’Toole shared that the team behind the film officially “consider it a reboot” for the franchise.

She also confirmed they “were two weeks away from cameras” before the writers' strike hit and that the movie will offer “a really fresh take:”

“Well, we started working, and then we were put on hold because of the writers' strike. We were two weeks away from cameras. So we were deeply involved in building that world out. I would say, when I read the script, I was like, I continued wanting to read it. And sometimes when you're reading a script, you're just like, 'Oh, okay, okay. Chuck this back, you know, like for the interview, pretend to love it.' But I actually really did love it. It's got a really fresh take on it, and we do consider it a reboot. But stay tuned, I suppose. I can't say anything about it.”

A Final Destination Reboot With a Returning Face?

Tony Todd as William Bludworth in Final Destination 5
New Line Cinema

Despite being called a reboot, there will be at least one returning character: Tony Todd’s William Bludworth, a mysterious character who has shown up throughout the series to help the victims come to terms with their situation. But if this is truly a fresh start, why bring Todd back specifically as that same character?

While the movie is considered a reboot, perhaps the term is still a little strong in that this story simply won’t be referring to previous entries at all. Though, once again, Todd’s inclusion is a notable piece of contradiction.

Either way, fans are likely thrilled to know that the next Final Destination installment is only getting closer to becoming a reality. Now, if only the AMPTP would make a deal with SAG-AFTRA, and the industry could get back to work again.

Hopefully, the recent success of Saw X, the landmark tenth entry in that franchise, paints a good picture of how Final Destination 6 will perform. Maybe the series could see a resurgence, just like Lionsgate is seeing with Saw.

The next Final Destination film does not have a release date.

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