What Are C Folds In The Bear? Kitchen Meaning Explained

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The Bear, Jeremy Allen White

The Bear Season 3 has fans wondering about the hidden meaning behind the term, C Folds. 

Since 2022, FX and Hulu's culinary dramedy has taken the audience behind the scenes into the chaotic world of the professional kitchen. 

Whether it is, "Corner," "Yes, Chef," or "Mirepoix," fans watching have learned some of the lingo and jargon that comes with working in a kitchen at the highest level. 

What Is a C Fold in The Bear? 

Abbey Elliott as Natalie 'Sugar' Berzatto holding a box of paper towel in The Bear

As mentioned in The Bear Season 3, the term C Fold has confounded audiences who may not know the meaning behind what is being referred to. 

At the end of  Season 3, Episode 7 (subtitled "Legacy") Abbey Elliott's Natalie 'Sugar' Berzatto goes into labor as she is lifting what the rest of the kitchen-based cast calls a box of C-Folds into her car in the parking lot of a Restaurant Depot. 

This triggers a major moment for the series as Natalie - whose pregnancy was a significant plot point in Season 2 - finally has her baby.

But she does so without the company of those she holds most dear. After not telling her mother Donna (played by Jaime Lee Curtis) about the baby for months, she is forced to call her to come and pick her up as her husband Pete (Chris Witaske) is on a boys' trip and Carmy (Jeremy Allen White) and the rest of The Bear staff are in the middle of a packed dinner service. 

This forces Natalie to confront her mother, someone she has been avoiding and lost faith in for serval years leading into the series. 

For those who do not know, C Folds - aside from being the catalyst to inducing Natalie's labor it seems - are something found in nearly every restaurant across America. 

They are a rough brown tri-folded paper towel that goes into a dispenser to be pulled down by the user.

While not called C Folds on the box, they have become colloquially known as such in professional kitchens for their C-like shape when slightly unfolding the creases upon one. 

Some may wonder why a high-end restaurant like The Bear would need the kind of cheap paper towel found in a box of C Folds, especially when knowing every guest gets a proper linen napkin upon sitting down at the newly-opened establishment. 

Well, they are likely for either the bathroom on the premises (as C Folds are often used to stock paper towel dispensers in a public restroom) or are for the kitchen in the back where cleanliness and washing one's hands is a must. 

Who would have thought some inexpensive paper towels would be the impetus to such a heavy and emotionally resonant scene in The Bear Season 3? 

The Bear Season 3 is now streaming on Hulu. 

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