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Chris Pratt is headed back to the world of the Terminal List, as the hit Amazon Prime Video series marches toward its incoming Season 2. 

The fan-favorite streaming show - based on Jack Carr's novel of the same name - followed Pratt's James Reese (a US Navy SEAL commander) as he returned home from a failed mission that he is now questioning just how much responsibility he should take in what went wrong overseas.

Season 1 - while critically maligned (sitting at 40% on Rotten Tomatoes) - was a massive hit for Amazon's streamer. The show shot to number one on the platform's top 10, and racked up over 1.1 billion minutes viewed in just two weeks (via Variety).

With Season 2 on the way, here is everything we know about the upcoming sophomore run of The Terminal List:

When Will The Terminal List Season 2 Release?

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Mere months after the release of The Terminal List Seas 1 in July 2022, Season 2 was officially greenlit at Amazon. 

As confirmed by Variety in February 2023, Prime Video was moving towards a second batch of episodes for Chris Pratt's James Reese and a spin-off series focused on CIA agent Ben Edwards (played by John Carter actor Taylor Kitsch). 

The series has yet to start filming, but it has been hinted that when The Terminal List does return, it will do so along with a new subtitle. 

According to a post from the show's official Instagram account, Season 2 will officially be billed as The Terminal List: True Believer, which also happens to be the same name of the next book in Jack Carr's Terminal List series. 

Given the entertainment industry was put on pause for much of 2023 (thanks to dual strikes amongst the actors and writers), production has not been able to move forward on Season 2, but one can expect the series to get in front of cameras sometime in 2024.  

Season 1 was originally announced back in April 2020, started filming on March 9, 2021, and then was released on July 1, 2022. 

With the series getting renewed in February 2023, and the writers' strike kicking off in May, Season 2 got somewhere around three months of development time before the work stoppage commenced. 

If development gets started back up before the end of the year, it will likely last for at least another eight or nine months, which would put a filming start date sometime late in 2024. 

That means fans should expect Season 2 of The Terminal List to be released on Prime Video in mid-late 2025. 

Who’s Cast In The Terminal List Season 2?

The Terminal List Cast
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The only official casting announcement to be made for The Terminal List Season 2 is its central character James Reece (played by Guardians of the Galaxy star Chris Pratt). 

According to The Terminal List author Jack Carr, Pratt has been enthusiastic about continuing his work in the series. 

Before Season 2 was greenlit, Carr told The Daily Mail (via Forbes) "Chris wants to do it," as a second season remained a question:

"Chris wants to do it and Amazon wants to do it. But it could all fall apart. It would be an eight-part series based on the second book True Believer. We shall see. We almost killed Chris last time! He carried the weight of the show on his shoulders, but never complained once. Virtually every scene was him. It was a lot of work. I’ve worked in a couple of subplots to take the pressure off him in the next series."

Of course, with Season 2 getting rubber-stamped, the actor got his wish and will get to return to Carr's narrative world. 

Other characters one can expect to return include Constance Wu's Katie Buranek, a seasoned journalist who Reece helped reveal the conspiracy working against him in Season 1, as well as Taylor Kitsch's Ben Edwards, one of Reece's former Navy SEAL teammates and the focus of an upcoming Terminal List spin-off. 

There is also the possibility fans see more of Reece’s wife Lauren (played by Riley Keough), and daughter, Lucy (played by Arlo Mertz), by way of flashbacks, as they are both dead by the time Season 1 comes to an end.

Given Season 2 will be an adaptation of Jack Carr's True Believer novel, the Terminal List team will also have to cast some major characters from the source material. 

As the series approaches its inevitable filming date, fans can expect casting announcements for characters like Raife Hastings (a South African SEAL from Reece's past) and Mohammed “Mo” Farooq (an Iraqi commander who serves as the primary villain of the second novel). 

What Will Happen in The Terminal List Season 2?

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It has already been confirmed The Terminal List Season 2 will adapt Jack Carr's second novel, True Believer. Given this information, fans can glean where the second season will go when it does eventually hit Amazon Prime Video. 

As written on Carr's official website, True Believer tells the story of "a series of coordinated and murderous attacks" of an unknown origin: 

"When a bomb goes off during a holiday fair in London, the body count is horrific and the nation’s market goes into a tailspin. This, it turns out, is just the beginning of a series of coordinated and murderous attacks against the whole of the Western world. As the scope of the mayhem grows ever wider, pulling in country after country, the United States goes on the offensive. Who is pulling the strings? What is their motive? And most important of all, how can the attacks be stopped before bloodshed and economic freefall bring America and her allies to their knees?"

When it is realized Iraqi commander Mohammed “Mo” Farooq may have something to do with it, a deal is struck with Navy SEAL James Reece as he has a "crucial connection" to the mysterious military official:

"There is just one man who stands a chance of answering these questions. Former Navy SEAL James Reece is the only and crucial connection to a shadowy former Iraqi commando who could provide leads the CIA desperately needs. Reece might be America’s last hope. Unfortunately, he is also America’s most-wanted domestic terrorist. To rein him in, a bargain is struck and Reece becomes the reluctant tool of the United States government, traveling the globe to target terrorist lead- ers and unraveling a geopolitical conspiracy involving a traitorous CIA officer and a sinister assassination plot with worldwide repercussions. There is always another true believer out there willing to kill for his cause. James Reece will be there to stop him."

While fans can expect a pretty straight adaptation of Carr's second novel, there have been teases that things will not go as expected. 

In an Instagram post for series star Chris Pratt, he hinted, "You ain’t ready for what we have in store for you" potentially indicating fans may be in for a few surprises:

"One year ago today, we brought James Reece to your living room! The amount of love you all have for this show is overwhelming. Nothing brings me greater joy than sharing these thrilling stories with you. You ain’t ready for what we have in store for you!”

Audiences can also expect the show to leave a few dangling threads by the end of Season 2, as there are three more Carr books in the Terminal List series following True Believer should Amazon want even more of the series. 

The Terminal List Season 1 is streaming now on Amazon Prime Video

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