SurrealEstate Season 3 Gets Hopeful Update from Creator

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The creator of SurrealEstate addressed the prospect of a Season 3 renewal, revealing a promising update for the future of the show.

SurrealEstate returned for Season 2 at Syfy in October 2023, marking a revival of the Canadian paranormal drama after it had been canceled by the network shortly after its ten-episode freshman run concluded in 2021.

SurrealEstate Receives Exciting Future Update

SurrealEstate only just wrapped up its second season, but fans are already turning their attention to Season 3 as Syfy has yet to announce whether the show will be renewed or canceled going forward.

Series creator George R. Olson recently spoke to Horror Fuel on the matter of a potential Season 3 renewal, offering up a hopeful update for the future.

Having been asked outright whether a third season is on the way, Olsen said, "If all of us do our jobs, yes" the series will continue. He even stated, "As long as they let me," he will continue telling new stories in this world:

“Well, if all of us do our jobs, yes, there is. But, no, that’s one of the fun things about this show and these characters, particularly, and our amazing cast and crew. But there are so many different kinds of houses, there are so many different kinds of entities, there are so many different kinds of stories that as long as they let me, I’ll keep doing these, because it is such fun and at the end of the day it’s a cliche that it’s all about the characters, but some things become cliches, because they’re true."

Olson went on to praise the series' "amazing cast" that has helped make the show so "sustainable" and given him a feeling he can "go on telling those stories for a long time:"

"And this is one of those things: the characters that our amazing cast has brought to life are so fun, and so rich, and have such interesting inner lives. And peeling those off throughout the season is another just huge source of fun that makes it… I guess the term is sustainable. We feel like we can go on telling those stories for a long time.”

After the interviewer shared their hopes for SurrealEstate to continue for a long time to come, the series creator responded with a simple, “Me too.”

When Will SurrealEstate Season 3 Release?

While George R. Olson presumably has a host of ideas for where to take SurrealEstate next in Season 3, development on further episodes is likely in the extremely early stages as the team awaits a formal renewal. Not to mention, the recently concluded writers' strike is bound to have slowed things down.

Looking at the past of SurrealEstate, Season 1 premiered in summer 2021 before shifting to fall 2023 for Season 2, which feels thematically fitting for a series centered around paranormal hauntings. If development and production can move along smoothly, the show could be back on Syfy in the fall of 2024.

Olson has plenty of plans to continue SurrealEstate for many more seasons to come provided the network renews the show. But, as is always the case with television, the future of the paranormal drama will hinge on ratings and the show's popularity. 

According to data from TV Series Finale, SurrealEstate only averaged 178,000 viewers in Season 2, down from 315,000 in Season 1. As the network initially opted to cancel the series based on that viewership before giving it another chance, fans will have to hold out hope it doesn't get canceled again.

SurrealEstate has yet to be officially renewed for Season 3.

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