Suicide Squad Season 2 Leaked Characters - Kill the Justice League DLC Rumors Explained

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Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League Leaked Character

The new character seemingly set to make their debut in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League Season 2 leaked online. 

Coming from Batman: Arkham developers Rocksteady Studios, Kill Justice League introduced gamers to the renowned dev team's take on another DC property, this time in the form of an ongoing games-as-a-service shooter that centered on the fan-favorite band of supervillains

As a part of this plan, the roster of playable characters has continued to expand beyond its ending (read more about the game's final moments here). The first of these debuted with Suicide Squad's first season, allowing players to take control of a Multiversal version of the Joker.

Who Is the Leaked Suicide Squad Character?

Fans are in a tizzy, as leaks revealed the identity of the new character coming to Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League's upcoming second season. 

Following the release of Joker in late March, no further new playable villains have been added to the game. 

However, that is seemingly set to change with the introduction of Season 2. 

According to leaks, the next character set to arrive as a part of the title's central cast of playable miscreants is none other than Mrs. Freeze. 

This unique take on the iconic Batman villain Victor Fries (a.k.a. Mr. Freeze), will present a gender-bent version of the character known as Victoria Fries

Mrs. Freeze is the daughter of Victor and his wife Nora in the comics, taking up the Freeze mantle to hopefully do some good in the world under her family name. 

The character was first teased as a part of promotional images for the game released earlier in 2024, hinting at what fans could expect in the continued fight against its primary antagonist, Brainiac. 

While she did not appear properly, a snowy mountainside can be, seemingly alluding to a Fries of some sort joining the game. 

The character's full look would then leak online, before being taken down en masse by Warner Bros. 

The image was first circulated on X (formerly Twitter) eventually making its way onto Reddit and other social forums. 

It sees Victoria in a familiar-looking (but pink highlighted) Mr. Freeze-style suit with a trimmed spiked fauxhawk and purple glasses. 

Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League seasonal update graphic
Warner Bros.

Known leaker Miller Ross, described the character as physically fit and possessing almost Frozone-esque ice abilities (via Reddit):

"Dommy mommy type. Nothing comes between her and the gym—not even her wife. Unsure on melee (could be axe or shield) but her traversal is all ice power based. Think Frozone."

When it comes to a specific release date for Mrs. Freeze and the content connected to her, nothing has been officially announced. However, she is expected to appear as a part of Suicide Squad's upcoming Season 2. 

Other New Characters Coming to Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League

Beyond Mrs. Freeze and Joker, two more new characters are set to come to Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League within the game's first year of release. 

Just like Victoria Fries, nothing official has confirmed the identities of the next two DLC characters, but they are expected to appear as a part of Seasons 3 and 4 respectively. 

Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League DLC plan end credits
Warner Bros.

A graphic shown at the end of the game, teasing the continuing adventure of Rocksteady's Suicide Squad world, features silhouettes of these next two playable big bads. 

Fans have been able to discern Zoe Lawton (a.k.a. Lawless) will likely be the Season 3 addition to the game, with Deathstroke joining in Season 4.

That should round out the game's first year on the market, as all four of the new characters are supposedly set to debut sometime before January 30, 2025 (12 months after its initial release). Beyond that, things begin to get murky. 

The super-powered co-op shooter has failed to capture the kind of solid player base needed to sustain an ongoing games-as-a-service, putting its future into question. 

According to an IGN report from June 2024, Warner Bros. confirmed Rocksteady will be able to complete at least its currently announced roadmap for the game (its first four seasons), but that could be it.

This comes as there is reported turmoil at the Suicide Squad studio. Bloomberg's Jason Schreier posted on X (formerly Twitter) that the game is getting "barebones support" and the title has not lived up to internal expectations. 

In the wake of games like Marvel's Avengers and Bioware's Anthem getting shuttered as its servers sat empty, it is hard not to fear for the future of Suicide Squad and its DLC content plans, no matter what Warner Bros. says. 

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is avaliable now on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S and PC.

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