Star Wars: Rian Johnson Reveals New Images of Carrie Fisher, Yoda & More on The Last Jedi Set

By Richard Nebens Updated:
Yoda spirit, General Organa

After Lucasfilm made a successful return to the Skywalker Saga with 2015’s Episode VII: The Force Awakens, the general consensus was that Episode VIII: The Last Jedi took some questionable steps in regards to story and character development. This movie is still one of the highest grossing movies ever at over $1.3 billion in global box office revenue, but the directorial switch from JJ Abrams to Rian Johnson left the critical and fan responses very divided.

Regardless of reviews, Episode VIII made a profound impact on the Star Wars community as it continued to merge the new generation of heroes like Rey and Finn with old guard leaders like Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa. Three years after its release in theaters, and after earning four Oscar nominations, director Rian Johnson still feels tremendous pride for the work he put toward the movie.

Once again, Johnson has taken to social media to display his work and to remembering the day the film first came out in theaters three years ago.


In two new releases on Twitter, Episode VII: The Last Jedi director Rian Johnson shared five new photos from behind-the-scenes of the movie to celebrate its three-year release anniversary.

The first tweet includes four black & white pictures showing Carrie Fisher giving her puppy some love, R2-D2 and C-3PO taking a break in between scenes on the Millennium Falcon, the Yoda puppet in action, and Mark Hamill acting with R2-D2. All four pictures can be seen in the tweet below:

Johnson followed these pictures with a behind-the-scenes shot of the giant thala-siren whose milk Luke Skywalker drinks from Ahch-To, where he serves his self-induced exile. The full image can be seen below:


Johnson clearly feels a great debt of gratitude to the original stars that made Star Wars the pop culture phenomenon it remains to be to this day. With all four pictures showing off original actors like the late Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill, along with the on-set Yoda tribute, these serve as fun candid looks at how everything went down on the set of this huge movie.

Fans can see so much technology and set work that goes into making the major motion pictures in the Star Wars universe, and the intricate detail on the droids looks just as great as the world expects from such an iconic set of movies. 

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