Star Wars Unveils Giancarlo Esposito's Moff Gideon, Trooper in New The Mandalorian Season 2 Images

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Moff Gideon, Cards

The Empire improves every system it touches.

There are many who would disagree with the Client's sentiment, but Moff Gideon is one. While the leader of this Imperial Remnant may have executed his subordinate, the villain's anger is truly directed towards Mando. The unstable antagonist's plans for the Child may have been thwarted by Din Djarin on Nevarro, but Gideon's role in The Mandalorian is just getting started.

Through two episodes, Gideon has yet to appear in Season 2. It's entirely possible that he returns to action in "Chapter 11," but it's even more likely that we'll have to wait to see he and his Imperial enforces until the story brings us back to Nevarro. The Remnant's return is eagerly anticipated, and new digital trading cards have offered a look at our heroes' adversaries...


Topps has revealed via Reddit user Cookie0024 a new digital trading card of Moff Gideon wielding the Darksaber:

Moff Gideon Card
Via Topps

Additionally, another card depicting a new Imperial Trooper was shared:

Trooper Card
Via Topps

Topps Bunt revealed several other cards in The Mandalorian Static series on Star Wars Card Trader, as shown below:

Season 2 Cards
Via Topps



The more we see of Moff Gideon, the harder it is to wait ot learn more about the villain. Gideon was cruel and heartless, but also seemingly willing to be reasonable if it served his interests. This is a stark contrast to the long line of villains in Star Wars who prefer to torture and kill as opposed to negotiating. Of course, the Client was also in the process of doing this when he got lit up by a firing squad, but Gideon could do it better.

As much as The Mandalorian follows the 'adventures of the week' formula, there's also that overarching story centered around the Child and the Imperial Remnant. Gideon's motives still remain unclear, but any villain with the Darksaber in hand is capable of doing very dangerous things.

The unidentified trooper appears to be a mix of several soldiers we've seen before. While the color of the armor seems to match that of the Scarif shoretroopers seen in Rogue One, the helmet looks to be modeled after that of the Imperial hovertank driver, with elements of the Range Troopers from Solo there as well.

Topps' Static set is a reminder that the Imperial Remnant is still at large, and Mando and the Child won't be safe from Moff Gideon and his forces for long. The antagonists are bound to debut in Season 2 in no time, and when they do it will take everything Din Djarin has to fend off attacks from the Darksaber and every class of soldier Gideon has to throw at him.

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