Star Wars: Disney Rumored to Be Planning Multiple Darth Bane Projects

By Lauren Rouse Posted:
Star Wars logo and Darth Bane

Disney is definitely expanding on its plans for Star Wars now that the sequel film trilogy is out of the way. Following the success of The Mandalorian on Disney+, the studio has already put in motion live action prequel series for Obi-Wan Kenobi and Rogue One's Cassian Andor, as well as a new animated series focused on The Bad Batch

It's looking likely that Disney is wanting to take a shared universe approach to Star Wars, similar to what it achieved with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And in order to do that, the company is digging into the rich history of lore and characters that Star Wars has to offer. 


According to insider Daniel Richtman's Patreon, Disney has plans for multiple projects involving Darth Bane, potentially including a solo project. It's unknown if these projects would be theatrically-released movies or Disney+ series.


Darth Bane is a prominent figure in Star Wars history. He is known to be one of the first Sith Lords and lived a thousand years prior to the Clone Wars. He is most famous for implementing the 'Rule of Two' amongst the Sith, whereby there can only be one Sith master and apprentice at a time. 

Darth Bane hasn't appeared in any of the Star Wars feature films but has been the focus of many Star Wars novels and comics. He also made an appearance in season six of The Clone Wars. When Disney acquired Lucasfilm, the company made many of the stories that Darth Bane was a part of non-canon, but it looks like Disney may be preparing to set up its own canon story for the Sith Lord. 

Seeing as Darth Bane is said to have existed thousands of years before most of the stories on the Star Wars timeline, it would be difficult for him to appear in any of the modern storylines. He could potentially appear as a force ghost or in flashbacks as he did in The Clone Wars, or perhaps he could appear in the High Republic era that Disney is currently launching on the novel side. A great outcome would likely be a solo movie or series for Darth Bane that explains his origins and backstory before bringing him in to influence other Star Wars projects. 

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