Spider-Man: Tom Holland Admits He Pitched Non-MCU Venom & Kraven Movies to Sony Producer

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If someone were to ask what the most stressful moment for the Marvel fan base was, one would likely get a unanimous answer: Marvel and Sony's breakup in the Summer 2019.

When the news was first broken, it was hard to even process. It didn't help that, at the time, recently released Spider-Man: No Way Home ended with one of the biggest cliffhangers the character has ever seen.

As hard as it was for fans, it was many times worse for the man behind the mask: Tom Holland. The actor, who has proven himself to be just as much of a Marvel fan as those on the other side of the screen, has been open in the past about how hard those days were.

What everyone didn't know was how Holland ended up driving over to see Amy Pascal, a producer overseeing the Spider-Man films, mere hours after the studio split was initially reported. Once there, he ended up pitching film ideas that involved the impending Venom crossover and a showdown with Kraven the Hunter.

Tom Holland and Amy Pascal Have a Poolside Chat

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In a conversation with Empire, Tom Holland revealed that when the split between Marvel and Sony happened, he actually ended up going over to Amy Pascal's house.

Amidst the stress, the actor tells a story of how the two "sat... by her pool" and simply "chatt[ed]... and pitch[ed] movies."

Among those ideas? Their hypothetical tales included concepts such as Spider-Man falling "[into] the Venom world," or "a Kraven the Hunter film:" 

"On the day that the announcement happened that I would no longer be in the MCU... I just drove over to Amy Pascal's house and sat with her by her pool, and we sat there for hours, just chatting, and pitching movies. How would we do a film without Marvel? Does Peter Parker fall through a portal, and then he's in the Venom world? Or do we do a Kraven the Hunter film?"

Holland admits it was a nice distraction, but also truthfully said that he "[wasn't] really to say goodbyes yet:"

"It was a nice distraction... because as a young kid I was so in love with Marvel, and I was so lucky to be a part of it that when they took the rug from under my feet, I was not ready to say goodbye yet..."

Kraven and Venom are on Tom Holland's Mind

The fact that Tom Holland immediately drove out to Amy Pascal's house is a true sign of how much the actor cares about the character of Spider-Man. While the fans were all but in mourning, Holland was already trying to pitch ideas to save the train wreck that was actively occurring.

It is funny how both of the ideas that came up, Venom and Kraven, are now a reality. Spider-Man's crossover with Venom has been confirmed to happen at some point soon, and a Kraven solo film is already finalizing its cast.

It will be interesting to see how things play out in relation to Spider-Man and his connections to the Sony-Verse moving forward. After all, fans have no idea where Tom Holland's Peter Parker will show up after Spider-Man: No Way Home hits theaters on December 17.

At the very least, fans know they will have at least one more Holland MCU appearance. Whatever that may be, however, is a complete mystery.

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