Marvel Introduces Tom Holland's Spider-Man Replacement Actor In New What If Episode

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A number of people have brought the famous Spider-Man to life over the many years. There's Tobey Maguire, the first to bring the hero to life on the big screen. He was then followed by Andrew Garfield, with Tom Holland coming in after him to land the character firmly in the MCU.

Live-action isn't the only place where Spider-Man has come to life. In the early '90s, Christopher Daniel Barnes voiced the character in the now-famous Spider-Man animated series. The next biggest to enter the character's life in animated form was Josh Keaton, who starred in The Spectacular Spider-Manthe actor also recently voiced Steve Rogers in the first episode of What if...?.

More recently, Yuri Lowenthal did the character justice in the PS4 Spider-Man game and went on to be a go-to voice for the character.

There are plenty more actors who could be listed off in the character's long legacy. Now a new name can be added to that list, as the most recent episode of Marvel Studios' What If...? had a brand-new voice bringing the character to life.

Spider-Man Gets a Replacement

What If Spider-Man

In Marvel Studios' brand-new episode of What If...?  on Disney+, the recent fifth episode was home to a brand-new Spider-Man voiced by newcomer Hudson Thames.

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Thames has never voiced Spider-Man before, so the actor is now on the prestige list of those who have brought the famous web-slinger to life.


His performance was definitely reminiscent of Tom Holland's voice, which is likely a very large reason why he was chosen for the role. 


The actor hasn't appeared in any notable blockbusters but has plenty of experience with smaller television projects, including the TV series American Soul, the ABC comedy Malibu Country, and the upcoming show GhostsWhat If...? marks Thames' first time working with Marvel

Tom Holland Who?

It had been rumored before the episode that Josh Keaton was set to reprise his role as Spider-Man for the first time since Spectacular Spider-Man ended. Clearly, that turned out to be false—which isn't surprising given the fact the actor brought Steve Rogers to life in the show's first episode.

While many were likely disappointed by that, Hudson Thames did a good job in the part nevertheless. The actor definitely didn't get much space for wiggle room when it came to giving his own spin to the character, as the actor was certainly channeling Holland first and foremost—which he was doing a great job at.

At least Thames got to name-drop Uncle Ben for the very first time in the Marvel Cinematic Universe; a fact which is sure to be conflicting for many fans out there. If Marvel Studios could have brought Holland on board, they likely would have.

However, when it comes to legal rights, Spider-Man is among the most complicated there is. Getting Tom Holland would have likely been a difficult task for the team.

Marvel Studios' fifth episode of What If...? is streaming now on Disney+.

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