Tom Holland Reveals How Spider-Man: No Way Home's Fight Scenes Will Be Different

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Spider-Man: No Way Home, Electro, Goblin

After years of anticipation, Spider-Man: No Way Home is just a few months away from hitting theaters around the world. With villains returning from the past wall-crawler franchises, Benedict Cumberbatch's Doctor Strange playing a pivotal role, and rumors of a multiversal Spider-Verse team-up, it's safe to say there's plenty to be excited about. 

While both Spider-Man: Homecoming and Far From Home have stayed reasonably grounded with tech-driven stories, No Way Home will be going wilder than ever as a spell-gone-wrong causes chaos in the Multiverse.

As the Spider-Man franchise delves into the mystical side of Marvel, the potential for crazy action spectacles is bigger than ever, and it sounds as if Marvel Studios will be taking full advantage of that.

Tom Holland Teases No Way Home Fights

Spider-Man: No Way Home, Doctor Strange

During a recent interview with Entertainment WeeklySpider-Man: No Way Home star Tom Holland teased what to expect from the action in the sequel. 

The young British actor described the action as being “a lot more visceral” than in the past and promised “a lot more hand-to-hand combat.”

Holland went on to reveal that even though he's now spent five years in the role, he still had to “focus and do the prep work” because the film's “magic spells and dimensions” make things more complicated than ever.

No Way Home's Action Will Be Wild

Between Doctor Strange's magical abilities, multiple Spider-Men teaming up, and super-powered villains for the first time in Tom Holland's franchise, No Way Home is set to be a crazy action spectacle on the level of an Avengers blockbuster.

The MCU's Spider-Man hasn't spent much time showcasing his talent in hand-to-hand combat, so it'll be exciting to see martial arts elements blended into the sequel and combined with the hero's traditional webbing abilities. 

Since Marvel Studios and Sony continue to shroud No Way Home in mystery, the first trailer didn't show too much action. Naturally, this decision probably came down to the fact most of the film's Sinister Six villains have yet to be revealed.

Recent rumors indicated a second trailer may arrive in the coming weeks to play in front of November's Eternals in theaters. Since the Chloe Zhao-directed picture will be one of the last major releases before No Way Home, this would be a logical assumption. 

However, Sony's Ghostbusters: Afterlife will release on November 19, meaning the studio may choose to release the trailer closer to its own fall blockbuster.

Spider-Man: No Way Home hits theaters on December 17, 2021. 

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