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With only a few more days remaining until its release, Spider-Man: No Way Home continues to be the movie fans most want to talk about thanks to the hype that has been built for more than a year. Featuring the first signs of the Multiverse tearing apart, and two decades' worth of Spider-Man's movie history being celebrated in the plot, the threequel is becoming the must-see event of the year.

Thanks to two full trailers showcasing much of the action that will push No Way Home to new heights, Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures have set the stage for a thrilling end to Spidey's MCU trilogy. From Doctor Strange opening up alternate realities to villains like Jamie Foxx's Electro navigating a new world, No Way Home has shared plenty of thrilling information while also keeping plenty of secrets for its release.

One shot in the trailers that has fans talking features Zendaya's MJ falling from a dangerous height as Tom Holland's Peter Parker jumps forward to save her, bringing back memories of Emma Stone's Gwen Stacy falling to her death in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. When asked about the similarities between those shots, the core cast from No Way Home had some interesting responses.

No Way Home Stars on Gwen's Death

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In an interview with Cinema Blend, Spider-Man: No Way Home stars Tom Holland, Zendaya, and Jacob Batalon shared their thoughts on the similarities between MJ's fall in this movie's second trailer and Gwen Stacy's scene from The Amazing Spider-Man 2 that resulted in her death.

Emma Stone expressed disappointment with seeing the moments that led to her character's demise in the trailers for The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Sean O'Connell asked the team what they thought about the trailer, including the shot of MJ falling.

Holland and Zendaya both admitted to not thinking Stone's character would die after viewing the trailers, even feeling that by including that scene in the trailer, the promos teased that Enmw Stone's Gwen would end up surviving:

Holland: "I remember seeing it, but I never thought she was gonna die though."

Zendaya: "Yeah, neither did I. When I watched the movie, I was devastated, I was like ‘What?!’”

Holland: "By putting that in the trailer, it almost made it seem like she survived. Do you know what I mean?"

Batalon: "I feel that’s even probably better."

Holland: "I actually think that was a great thing to put in the trailer."

When O'Connell teased that this may mean MJ definitely survives No Way Home due to this similarity, the trio made sure to remain silent on the matter; although, Zendaya teased that her new scene looked "a lot cooler" on camera than it did when she filmed it. 

Spider-Man 3 Stars Keeping Quiet Again

Throughout Spider-Man: No Way Home's promotional tour, fans have seen the obvious and hidden connections to both Sam Raimi and Marc Webb's web-slinger films. The visual similarities between the Gwen Stacy scene and the one with MJ from the trailers for No Way Home are impossible to miss, although the stars behind the movie do their job well of not giving away anything that comes after that scene.

The biggest connection between the two Marvel movie moments is that both were shown in the trailers, which is fairly shocking considering Emma Stone's scene nearly spoiled her character's death in her last superhero movie. Should No Way Home do the same thing, it would obviously be a turning point in the already-grand-scale threequel, especially with rumors pointing to Peter losing somebody close to him.

No matter what the results are from this scene, it will likely come a long way into the movie, meaning fans will have to wait to find out if MJ survives this Multiverse-shattering adventure.

Spider-Man: No Way Home will debut in theaters on December 17.

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