Falcon and Winter Soldier Season 2: Sebastian Stan Is Open To Any & All Plans

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Falcon and Winter Soldier Season 2 Sebastian Stan

With the success of WandaVision , one could only imagine what The Falcon and the Winter Soldier was going to follow up with. Now, with the show arguably doing better than Wanda's grief-stricken delusion , the win streak seems to only be set to continue with the release of Loki .

Though, what's next for Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes? Out of the currently announced slate of projects, there isn't any obvious place for them. The clear answer would be a second season of the Star-Spangled series.

Unlike WandaVision , the idea of a continuation in the form of additional seasons makes a lot more sense with the setup that Falcon and the Winter Soldier has going for it. The real question is if any of the cast knows their future and if they are up for something like a sophomore run.

Collider was able to check in with Sebastian Stan about that exact topic.


Falcon and Winter Soldier Season 2

During an interview with Collider , Sebastian Stan was asked about whether he's heard anything about a second season for his hit Disney+ adventure, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier . Stan outright said "No, we have not:"

"No, we have not, and I'll tell you that honestly, we have not. As per usual, I don't quite know what the next step is. We never really do. Maybe some people do, maybe [Robert] Downey [Jr.] used to know, I don't know."

Fans shouldn't get too down, though. Sebastian then assured that he would be up for any plans Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige has to throw at him for a second season:

"I got on the phone with him just to catch up, and I was saying to him, 'Dude, you could fucking tell me to go swim under[water], I'll do anything.' It doesn't matter. Or if this is it, my heart is just as big."


It's important to note, as always, this could all easily be a lie. Stan is legally restricted from saying anything of the like, so responses like this should always be taken with a grain of salt. Remember when Tatiana Maslany denied being casting as She-Hulk ?

Whether a second season does in fact happen, it is basically a certainty that Bucky Barnes will be showing up again at some point, even if that point isn't the second season or The Falcon and the Winter Soldier that we all want. Unless, of course, he drops dead in two weeks, which is highly unlikely.

But where, besides a second season, could Barnes show up? Out of all the announced projects, none are obvious candidates. If he sticks with Sam, the unannounced and very likely Young Avengers film may be it . There's also the other rumored project in the Thunderbolts , where Bucky would likely join his best friend in Zemo.

Whatever it ends up being, Bucky Barnes will certainly be seen again.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is streaming now on Disney+.

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March 19, 2021
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