Watch Scream Online: 3 Movies Get Announced for New Streaming Service (Official)

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Max announced that a selection of Scream movies will arrive on its platform imminently. 

The Courtney Cox and Neve Campbell-starring Scream movies have long been an institution in the world of slasher flicks. It’s a franchise that’s been around for six films and almost 30 years (with a seventh confirmed to be on the way).

The series has played host to many notable stars over the years, such as Jack Quaid and Liev Schreiber. It was even adapted for television with a show that aired on MTV and VH1m from 2015 to 2019

How to Stream Scream Movies Online

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Max announced that it will bring the first three Scream movies onto its platform starting October 1. Naturally, this includes Scream from 1996, Scream 2 from 1997, and Scream 3 from 2000.

But for those who are looking to begin their spooky season a little early, these three horror films are currently available on a few other other streaming services, including Paramount+ (via JustWatch):

  • Scream 1: Paramount+, AMC+
  • Scream 2: Paramount+, AMC+, Roku (with Ads) 
  • Scream 3: Paramount+, AMC+, Roku (with Ads) 

What Is the Status of Scream 7?

After the great success of the previous two installments, a seventh Scream film is indeed in development. A release date has not yet been attached but Scream 7 will be directed by Christopher Landon who helmed the Happy Death Day duology and many other horror pictures.

It likely won’t be long until another character dons the identity of Ghostface and is out prowling the cinematic streets again, brandishing a Buck knife.

Neve Campbell famously sat out the sixth movie due to a dispute with the studio over pay.

However, those involved with the franchise stated a strong desire for the actress to reprise her role as Sidney Prescott in the seventh film.

The entire Scream franchise can be streamed now on Paramount+.

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