The Future of Rosario Dawson's Ahsoka Tano: What's Next For the Star Wars Character?

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Warning - This article contains spoilers for The Mandalorian Season 2.

Unless someone is living on Ahch-to island, blocked off from the Force, every Star Wars fan has caught up on The Mandalorian 's second season and seen Ahsoka Tano kick ass in her live-action debut in “Chapter 13 - The Jedi.” It's been a long time coming, as Ahsoka has lived in the animated world for over 12 years, but the fandom's desire to see the character brought to life in the physical medium remained consistent and has finally been satisfied.

And there was absolutely no time wasted in making Ahsoka's presence felt. "Chapter 13" opened with the heroine methodically slicing and dicing the guard forces of a local magistrate on Corvus, and her introduction with Din Djarin was headed towards a similar direction. At long last, Ahsoka revealed to the audience that Baby Yoda's real name is Grogu, and we learned a great deal about our little green friend's backstory and future through her.

But it wasn't until the end of the episode that Tano's true purpose was revealed. Following a decisive victory over the magistrate, Ahsoka demanded to know where the woman's master was - that master being Grand Admiral Thrawn. Needless to say, Ahsoka's hunt for Thrawn being revealed opens up all kinds of possibilities, and we'll be taking a look at where our beloved former Jedi's story may be headed next...


Ezra and Ahsoka in Star Wars Rebels
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It's best to start off with the obvious and most likely choice. Prior to The Mandalorian , the last time we saw Ahsoka was the epilogue of Star Wars Rebels , where she was embarking on a journey with Sabine Wren to fulfill her promise to find Ezra Bridger. To this day, what became of Ezra and Thrawn remains a mystery, and the status of Ahsoka's search is in question.

The logical assumption to be made here is that Ezra's still missing, and when we find Ahsoka in "Chapter 13" she's following up on a lead. But that begs the question: why wasn't Sabine with her? It's possible the Mandalorian warrior was picking up a lead of her own, but Rebels made it clear the search for Ezra would be a joint effort. And what about Rex? Conceivably, Ahsoka's oldest friend would be by her side as she navigates the known galaxy seeking the young Jedi.

What really puts this possibility into question is point in the timeline. When we catch up with Ahsoka in The Mandalorian , we're meeting her five years after the conclusion of Rebels . Too much time has passed without any significant discoveries having been made, and it's almost hard to believe that Ezra hasn't been found at this point. The possibility exists that Ezra has already been located and reunited with his friends, which would make this an animated series that could be told within the time gap. Should this prove to be the case, the next option may explain where Ahsoka's story will go in the future.


Thrawn in Star Wars Rebels
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For all we know, Lucasfilm may be taking many pages out of Heir to the Empire and turning Grand Admiral Thrawn into a warlord looking to fill the power vacuum left upon the Emperor's presumed demise. In the canon novels, Thrawn was only throwing in with the Empire to assess its ability to counter the threat posed by the Grysks, and maybe to prevent Palpatine from discovering and attacking the Chiss as well. The Empire was always a means to an end for Thrawn, making it hard to believe that he'd be interested in trying to take power when it fell.

However, Ahsoka skewering thugs of an any kind is unusual, which speaks volumes about how nasty the magistrate was - and what that might say about Thrawn. Clearly Ahsoka is willing to do anything largely ethical in order to find the Grand Admiral, and if his underlings are all as oppressive as the magistrate was then he himself may be far worse.

Which isn't really in character for Thrawn. There's more to the storyline involving the Grand Admiral than meets the eye, and there's a good chance Ahsoka herself doesn't know the full scope of what's going on. Maybe she thinks she's going after an evil force looking to become the controlling interest in the galaxy, but comes to find out that the magistrate was a tool being used for the greater good? If Thrawn is once again fighting for the Chiss Ascendancy, perhaps Ezra is as well. With the events of "Chapter 13" pointing to a much bigger story at play, Ahsoka may one day find herself fighting alongside these forces to topple the threats posed by both the Grysks and Moff Gideon.


Luke Skywalker and Ahsoka Tano
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This option is a bit of a stretch given the character's history, but maybe the final destination for Ahsoka is back with the Jedi Order. Leaving the Jedi was a difficult and traumatizing choice for the character in The Clone Wars , and the hint that she may someday come back was disrupted by the betrayal of Anakin Skywalker and Order 66. Ahsoka didn't seem to have much interest in following the ways of the Jedi in Rebels , something she made clear to Darth Vader as she prepared to avenge the loss of her old master.

Will Ahsoka meet Luke Skywalker? Has that meeting happened already? It's a big galaxy, but with both parties being friendly to the New Republic and few Jedi with the name "Skywalker" running around, the two characters crossing paths seems inevitable. With Ahsoka sending Mando to Typhon to give Grogu the chance to choose his own path, any surviving Jedi is fair game to show up at this point. As unlikely as it may seem, that Jedi, if any at all, could be Luke.

Perhaps hearing the tale of Anakin's sacrifice and return to the light will help in convincing Ahsoka to rejoin the Order. The actions taken by both Luke and Anakin were as true to the ways of the Jedi as any, and seeing things take a turn towards what the Order's teachings should be could go a long way in bringing Ahsoka home. Luke Skywalker is in the midst of rebuilding the Jedi Order, and maybe one day his father's former student could be willing to join him.


Ahsoka Tano in The Mandalorian
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While we've seen it unfold for over a decade, it feels like Ahsoka Tano's story is only getting started. Given how little is known about the future, the options presented above were educated guesses at best. As revelations continue to be made, the number of possibilities for Ahsoka's journey moving forward will only grow - and so will fan excitement.

Many Star Wars fans never thought they'd ever see Ahsoka in live-action. With her debut out of the way, it's clear that Ahsoka's appearance in The Mandalorian was just the beginning. Her involvement in "Chapter 13" simultaneously served the purpose of Din Djarin and Grogu's story while setting up a larger narrative. Regardless of what happens from here, fans can rest assured that Ahsoka will be right in the thick of it, whether that be in her own Disney+ shows or as a supporting character in other upcoming series.

It's been an amazing journey for Ahsoka. For an animated character to be so cherished by the fanbase among a sea of live-action juggernauts is no small feat, yet Ahsoka Tano now stands on even footing with the best of them. In time, her role in the expanding story will be revealed.

She's taken her first step into a larger world.

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