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Pokémon is headed to Netflix in a big way, with a new original series full of the franchise's adorable monsters, Pokémon Concierge

Continuing the partnership between the streamer and the monolithic monster-collecting brand (which could eventually manifest a live-action TV show), Concierge is a first-of-its-kind stop-motion series, following a human named Haru who takes up a job working at a world-class resort designed exclusively for Pokémon. 

While Haru dotes upon her guests' every need, she will come across plenty of colorful creatures from across the franchise's nearly 30-year history. 

Every Pokémon in Pokémon Concierge


Psyduck Pokemon Concierge

Throughout the series, Haru will be partnered up with an adorably dopey Psyduck. While looking like not the sharpest tool in the shed, this bright yellow duck-like creature is known for its powerful psychokinetic and water powers. 


Snorlax Pokemon Concierge

A resort, like the one featured in Pokémon Concierge, is the perfect place for a Pokémon like Snorlax, known as the 'Sleeping Pokémon' (via the official Pokédex). Having been a part of the franchise since the very beginning, Snorlax puta its love of eating and sleeping to use in the animated series. 


Pansage Pokemon Concierge

Pansage is one of three monkey-like Pokémon introduced in the fifth generation of the franchise (Pokémon Black/White). The Grass Monkey Pokémon can be seen in the trailer along with the two other elemental apes (Panpour and Pansear) jamming out to some music with a resort employee. 


Panpour Pokemon Concierge

Panpour (aka the Spray Pokémon) is a water-based monkey Pokémon known for its wave-like plume atop its head that stores water reserves to keep the adorable creature hydrated. Unlike Pansage and Pansear, Panpour loves the water, making him a mainstay of the Pokémon resort's beaches. 


Pansear Pokemon Concierge

The fiery hot Pansear is the fire-type of Pokémon's Elemental Monkeys, complete with bright red flame-like fur all over its body. Despite its cute appearance Pansear is not one to be trifled with, as "the temperature of its head tuft reaches 600° F" when angered (per its official Pokédex entry).


Magikarp Pokemon Concierge

Simply dubbed the Fish Pokémon, Magikarp usually gets the short end of the stick, as it is often seen simply flopping around with no real purpose. Concierge gives the bug-eyed creature its moment in the sun, getting pampered after decades of jokes at its expense. 


Hoppip Pokemon Concierge

The Cottonweed Pokémon, Hoppip can be seen in several stills and the trailer for Pokémon Concierge, floating around with its signature helicopter-like leaves. Introduced back in Pokémon Silver and Gold, Hoppip is one of the more adorable creatures of the franchise with its bright yellow eyes and constant smile. 


Rattata Pokemon Concierge

Being one of the very first Pokémon fans were introduced to back in Pokémon Blue/Red, of course, Rattata will be a part of the latest animated series. Rattata is a feisty little bugger, living in the long grasses of the Pokémon world and biting anything it deems a threat.  


Charmander Pokemon Concierge

One of the only starters shown off in pre-release coverage for Pokémon Concierge is none other than Charmander. This fire lizard eventually goes on to become the terrifying winged dragon, Charizard. Charmander is shown off as one of the resort's guests at the center of the series, sporting a tropical lei. 


Dragonite Pokemon Concierge

Dragonite (aka the Dragon Pokémon) can be seen residing at the Pokémon resort in the Pokémon Concierge trailer, as well as flying around with Haru on its back. Seeing Dragonite in the animated series is exciting, as the Pokémon is extremely rare, known for residing by the seaside. 


Eeevee Pokemon Concierge

Eevee is a friendly fox-like creature, known for the various forms into which it can evolve based on the kind of elemental stone it comes into contact with. In Pokémon Concierge, an Eevee takes a liking to one of the human characters, enjoying the sun-baked landscapes of this tropical locale. 


Furret Pokemon Concierge

Furret is known for its long body, and soft, first popping up in Pokémon Gold/Silver in 1999. While Furret appeared in the Netflix series, it remains unknown if its lower evolution, Sentret will show up as well. 


Mudkip Pokemon Concierge

A staple of the Pokémon world's marsh-like areas is Mudkip, (aka the Mud Fish Pokémon). A Mudkip has been seen accompanying Haru throughout the Pokémon Concierge marketing cycle, hanging out on the beach, in the hotel lobby, and in what looks to be a forest-type environment. 


Bulbasaur Pokemon Concierge

Another Gen 1 starter making itself known in Pokémon Concierge is the leafy lizard known as Bulbasaur. Bulbasaur has the distinct honor of being Pokémon number 001 in the national Pokédex and is easily identified by the distinct seed bulb on its back. 


Lampent Pokemon Concierge

Lampent is one of the rare Ghost/Fire types in the world of Pokémon, being a haunted candle-lit lamp. Lampent looks to be helping the human characters in Pokémon Concierge, seen helping light a campfire and even carrying guest Pokémon's bags throughout the resort. 


Seel Pokemon Concierge

While not typically known for visiting tropical locales like that of the Pokémon Resort at the heart of Pokémon Concierge, even sea-faring Seel like to get away every once in a while. Seel (aka the sea lion Pokémon) are great swimmers, coming equipped with a sharp horn used to bash through thick ice. 


Dedenne Pokemon Concierge

Not to be confused with the electric mouse Pokémon, Dedenne is a smaller orange, mouse-looking Electric/Fairy type. Dedenne's whiskers serve as antennas allowing it to communicate by way of electric waves from whisker-to-whisker. 


Diglett Pokemon Concierge

The Mole Pokémon known as Diglett is seen in the trailer popping its head up from the sand as other Pokémon play on the beach. The sand and soft earth is a perfect place for Diglett, as it lives with its head poking above the surface, with fans having wondered for years what the rest of this creature's body looks like. 


Wooper Pokemon Concierge

Wooper lovable little mudfish and is one of the only Pokémon seen in Pokémon Concierge marketing material traveling to the island resort in a group. This baby blue creature constantly has a smile on its face, loving to frolic in the muck of marshes and wetlands. 


Metagross Pokemon Concierge

Metagross is a wide-stanced goliath of the Pokémon world. This behemoth is made of steel, with red eyes and a metal cross adorning its face. According to Metagross' official Pokédex entry, it has "four brains in total" with the combined thinking power "said to be superior to a supercomputer."


Wingull Pokemon Concierge

Of course, in a tropical destination like the Pokémon resort seen in Concierge, there would be plenty of seaside birds like the graceful Wingull. This seagull-like creature can constantly be seen riding the wind as it comes off the ocean and hunting for prey in the waters below. 


Pidgeot Pokemon Concierge

Occupying the skies of the Kanto region is the majestic Pidgeot. This large bird is the final evolution in the Pidgey line and was notably a member of Ash's team in the original Pokémon anime. A Pidgeot is one of the guests in Pokémon Concierge, seen crashing through a tent mid-flight in the trailer. 


Graveler Pokemon Concierge

Evolved from the rock Pokémon Geodude is Graveler. This four-armed mammoth of a monster is often seen rolling about mountain regions, mowing over any obstacle that may come in its way. 


Pikachu Pokemon Concierge

Pikachu (aka the Mouse Pokémon) is the unofficial figurehead of the Pokémon franchise. These adorable yellow creatures have been known to create lightning storms simply by the power of the electricity that flows through their body, but surely one will not have to worry about that in a sun-soaked location like Concierge's Pokémon-filled resort. 

Pokémon Concierge debuts on Netflix on Thursday, December 28. 

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