Peter Pan & Wendy Review-Bombing Causes Rotten Tomatoes to Remove Low Score

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Peter Pan and Wendy, Rotten Tomatoes

The extremely low audience rating for Disney+ exclusive Peter Pan & Wendy is no longer visible on Rotten Tomatoes.

When the project first landed last month, it didn't get the warmest of receptions—though it did land plenty of average reactions.

It didn't take long for the movie to become the target of review-bombing, with some audiences claiming that the movie was being "politically correct." Others took aim at the casting, dialogue, and more.

Now, it seems that those 5,000+ audience score ratings, which previously sat at 13%, are no more.

Peter Pan and Wendy Loses Audience Rating

Peter Pan & Wendy
Rotten Tomatoes

Rotten Tomatoes officially removed the audience rating score of Peter Pan & Wendy on Friday, May 12.

Formerly, the audience rating sat at 13%, which was the lowest of all of Disney's live-action remake films. The movie's critic score is currently sitting at 62%.

The project was previously a victim of intense review bombing from general viewers.

An Unprecedented Move by Rotten Tomatoes

Completely removing the audience score from a project is an unprecedented move by Rotten Tomatoes. The closest thing to it was when the site excised a majority of Captain Marvel's view ratings, with its reasoning being that it "identified a bug in the post-release functionality."

There has still been no official reason given for the removal.

It's important to note that this almost certainly wasn't done because of low numbers. Rather, the choice was almost certainly more linked to the review-bombing and an intense number of bad-faith, inaccurate posts.

Review-bombing has always been a tricky problem to deal with, and despite previous efforts to contain them (such as not allowing audience reviews before a movie is released), childish behavior still permeates the industry more often than it should.

Maybe Rotten Tomatoes is making steps toward some bigger fix that it intends to announce sooner rather than later.

Peter Pan & Wendy is now streaming on Disney+.

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