New Percy Jackson Actor Shares Bold Claim About Fighting Harry Potter

By Gillian Blum Posted:
Walker Scobell as Percy Jackson, Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter

At a New York City event on December 11, Percy Jackson actor Walker Scobell defended his character, saying Percy would undoubtedly beat Harry Potter in a fight.

Anticipation for December 20's release of Percy Jackson and the Olympians on Disney+ is building up. The second trailer, which released in early December, confirms what fans already suspected given book author Rick Riordan's heavy involvement in the show — that book accuracy is key to the adaptation.

Beyond that, it has become evident through various interviews and panels that there is incredible passion from the cast and creative team, giving fans hope for what is to come.

Percy Jackson Actor Says Percy vs. Harry Potter 'Would Not Be a Fight At All'

Walker Scobell as Percy Jackson and Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter
Walker Scobell & Daniel Radcliffe

The Direct attended the live recording of the Happy, Sad, Confused podcast on December 11 at the 92nd Street Y in New York City, during which Percy Jackson and the Olympians star Walker Scobell said a fight between Percy Jackson and Harry Potter "would not be a fight at all."

Scobell first shared that if Percy were to team up with any comics character, it would be Spider-Man. A known Marvel fan, Scobell said, "I think there's one team-up option," revealing it to be Marvel Comics' friendly neighborhood web-slinger.

He then added that if Percy were to fight against anyone, he would want "to see Percy vs. Harry Potter."

The Percy vs. Harry debate is one that has spanned many years, but Scobell knows who he would pick without question. After excitedly saying he wanted to elaborate on this hypothetical fight, Scobell boldly said that Percy would not only win, but that "it would not be a fight at all."

His co-star Aryan Simhadri (Grover Underwood) nodded along, and though some fans felt that co-producer Becky Riordan was imploring him not to talk about this anymore during the panel, she later clarified her stance on X, simply saying, "I told him he did great."

Walker Scobell both Playing Percy and Loving Percy

Scobell has never been shy with his passion for Percy Jackson — a sentiment repeated several times at the 92NY event.

He revealed that when he learned he got the role of Percy in the Disney+ series, he was wearing a Camp Half-Blood T-shirt from when he was in third grade.

Scobell then said, "the day I really realized we were filming Percy Jackson was the first time they went to camp ... and I was wearing a real Camp Half-Blood T-shirt."

Later in the panel, Scobell discussed how he and Percy "have very similar senses of humor," something Rick Riordan agreed with further into the panel.

All in all, Scobell clearly knows and loves the character, which will certainly help fans see him as the beloved hero in the new show.

The first two episodes of Percy Jackson and the Olympians hit Disney+ on Wednesday, December 20.

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