Outlander Season 8 Gets Exciting Update: When Will It Release?

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Outlander Season 8 characters

Despite having no specific release date, fans are giddy over recent news about Outlander Season 8. 

Coming from Starz, 2024 marks a decade for the Outlander series, which has released seven seasons thus far. 

Now, with an eighth batch of episodes looming on the horizon, audiences are itching to return to this Scottish time-traveling drama and enter the world of 18th-century Europe. 

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Outlander Season 8 Release Teased

Comments from a pair of Outlander creatives offered an update on when Season 8 of the historical drama will be released. 

Speaking as a part of his appearance at The Land Con 6 in Paris (via Roster Con), Outlander actor Sam Heughan revealed they are "three weeks" into shooting Season 8:

“We are shooting the last season… Season 8. We’ve now shot three weeks..."

This was echoed by series lead (and director on at least one episode of Season 8) Caitríona Balfe who also spoke at the fan-attended convention. 

Balfe posited, "It's going to be really sad I think when we finish" but reassured fans they still have "Season 7, part B, and then a whole Season 8" to look forward to:

"It's going to be really sad I think when we finish, but also we're it's bittersweet we're very happy uh we have a cool story new characters new sets uh a new director called Caitríona Balfe. Yeah, she's doing really well. So yeah,  it's going to be hard to say goodbye to Jamie, I know, but there's so much to look forward to. You have Season 7, part B, and then a whole Season 8."

When Will Outlander Season 8 Be Released?

This filming comment from Sam Heughan is the first indication of just how far into production Season 8 of Outlander is. 

It is reassuring to hear the creative team is back behind cameras and on the path toward an eventual debut. However, when that comes to fruition remains to be seen. 

According to Heughan, as heard on an appearance on The Graham Norton Radio Show (via Reddit), filming should run from this spring up until October 2024. 

Season 7, Part B is still set to be released on Starz sometime in November 2024 (read more about Outlander Season 7, Part B here). 

It will run for eight episodes and finish in early 2025, just over two months after its initial debut. 

From there, the Outlander creative team will likely want an extended gap between season releases. 

Typically, Outlander seasons are released once per year. This means a Season 8 release in mid- to late 2025 feels like a natural fit.  

Season 8 also marks the final season of the Starz time-traveling epic, so the network will make an event out of it whenever it comes to the network. 

Outlander Season 8 does not currently have a publicly known release date.  

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